so. more gigs coming up, some solo (London, Amsterdam), the rest with The Ex’s guitarist, Andy Moor. Andy & I do improvised sets on turntables + guitar. Last March, in Nancy (France), we sounded like this:

DJ Rupture & Andy Moor – Hot Pink (Version) Live in France

a limited edition CD of our live recordings will be released soon. in the meantime, we’re selling a superduper limited tour CD at shows. we’re also working on a remix of one of our favorite roots rai vocalists & some other stuff.

I’m using several records in the above piece, but the main beat is a riddim produced by Matt Shadetek & myself, called Hot Pink. The low-end overloads occasionally on this recording (these things happen). Matt & I have been making beats on the regular for awhile now. Our new project doesn’t have a name yet. But WE ARE STARTING A NEW LABEL: Dutty Artz. more on Dutty Artz when i feel vaguely human again (not tonite)

upcoming dates:

Oct 11 : duo w/ Andy Moor, The Cube Bristol
Oct 12 : DJ set, Bangface London
Oct 13 : DJ set, OT301 Amsterdam
Oct 18 : duo w/ Andy Moor- Reims electricity festival
Oct 19 : duo w/ Andy Moor montpelier
Oct 20 : duo w/ Andy Moor feyzin (near Lyon)
Oct 21 : duo w/ Andy Moor Geneve
Nov 10 : Nettle. live in Rome!

ok. one two three sleep!

see you on the road


tomorrow, saturday, I will be giving an artist talk alongside Daniel Perlin at Austin’s Mexican American Cultural Center, 4pm. then, evening party. (thanks for the music & food tips!)

next time in TX i’ll make it to Houston, hotspot of American psychedelic gangsta realism.

Aqualeo – Cadillac Wires

from Choppaholix chopped & screwed mixtape Choppinupdablock vol. 9



[Aqualeo, sipping wine in outer space]


both me & Nettle will be playing in Denmark soon, but i’m lookin’ fwd to this, as DJing on the radio & w/ friends in Boston was how my life in music began. plus, on the December US tour w/ The Ex, Boston/Cambridge was BY FAR the rudest place we encountered, especially the bouncers at the Middle East Downstairs, and so it’ll be nice to bounce that bad taste out of my mouth with W&W, Flack (currently on tour in Australia), and more..

The image “http://babel.massart.edu/~flackett/bounce2web.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

cut n pasted promo text: “The first-ever Bouncement at the Linwood transformed a metal venue into a booming dance club, and Part 2 won’t be much different. Headlined by such an accomplished and Boston-bred artist as DJ /Rupture, we expect madness.

Basstown and Beat Research present:
DJ /rupture (Decks n EFX)
Wayne and Wax (Beats and Rhymes)
Baltimoroder (DJ Set)
w/ DJ Flack (DJ Set)
& Daviday (DJ Set)
Visuals by Zebbler

@ Great Scott
1222 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA 02134
MBTA Access: Harvard Ave. Green Line “B”
(617) 566-9014
Saturday July 28th 9pm-2am 21+

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/deejayrupture
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/basstownpresents
Website: http://www.mashit.com/beatresearch


a lot of folks have been contacting me about Sonar-time activities next week in Barcelona.

here’s the deal-

my band Nettle plays next Friday, June 15th, 4pm at Sonar.

the best off-site party in Barcelona is U.S.B.. 4 local event crews team up to bring us: Bong Ra, Filastine, Vex’d, Maga Bo, DJ Distance, DJ Maxximums, and more over 3 days. (more info + fotos here)

just in from Rio, Maga Bo & MC BNegao perform at a USB kick-off in Poble Nou next wednesday, and then fri & sat nite’s events take place IN A CAVE (!) turned club outside of Bcn called La Cova. Here’s the flyer for that:

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had a very nice chat w/ Geoff @ Postopolis today, covering lots of ground around music, migration, urban identity, spaces of possibility. although my favorite part was after the Q&A (which eventually turned to my impressions of NYC as a site for musical activity) when i went downstairs with Jess & some other staff and one of the women said “great talk. but do you really think that Dipset has fallen off?”

i’ll be back there (with Harlem beats to the contrary?) to drop tunes at the closing party — 7-9ish this saturday. you are invited. i imagine the free bass & free booze wont last 4 long, but the space — as you can see below — is incredible, spilling out into the street. cut-n-pasted details:


Closing Party
Saturday, June 2, 2007
at 7pm
DJ Rupture and DJ N-ron

After three days of near-continuous conversations, interviews, pecha kuchas and discussions at Storefront hosted by BLDGBLOG (Los Angeles), City of Sound (London), Inhabitat(New York City), and Subtopia (San Francisco), Postopolis! moves towards the closing party on Saturday, June 2, with music by DJ Rupture, author of Mudd Up! blog, and DJ N-ron.

(In case you missed them, you can view videos of the first three days of Postopolis! on Storefront’svideoblog and on the Postopolis! Flickr pool)



late-breaking news. no time so i just cut & paste their promo text:

Pure Fire Returns!!!
Tues., May 1, 9 p.m.
APT, 419 West 13th St. (at 9th Ave.) Manhattan
FREE + OPEN BAR from 9 -10 (Sagatiba cachaca!!!)

DJ Rupture (Soot Records, Tigerbeat 6)
Rupture blesses us with another 3-turntable exercise in advanced vinyl manipulation, hot on the heels of his new mix CD Shotgun Wedding 6: Secret Google Cheat Codes.

Plus Pure Fire Resident DJs Criterion, NRON, Peter Gunn, Reaganomics and Smallchange spinning the best in urban beats, from dubstep, jungle, breakcore, grime, dancehall, rap, breaks and beyond. Come down and support what we hope to be a new monthly at a sweet spot to hear music on a great system. Open bar from 9 – 10 on Sagatiba cachaca drinks.


heaps of gigs this month.

March 8 DJ Rupture, Filastine. Seattle
March 9 DJ Rupture, Filastine. Olympia
March 10 DJ Rupture, Filastine. San Francisco .
afterparty w/ Lemonade & 606!
March 16 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Amsterdam NL
March 17 DJ Rupture @ Bashout. Bristol UK
March 19 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Paris FR
March 20 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Tourcoing FR
March 21 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Orleans FR
March 22 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Amiens FR
March 23 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Brussels BE
March 24 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Nancy FR
March 25 Nettle: quartet w/ dp on video. Seville SP
March 29 DJ Rupture @ Reboot. Barcelona. SP