so. more gigs coming up, some solo (London, Amsterdam), the rest with The Ex’s guitarist, Andy Moor. Andy & I do improvised sets on turntables + guitar. Last March, in Nancy (France), we sounded like this:

DJ Rupture & Andy Moor – Hot Pink (Version) Live in France

a limited edition CD of our live recordings will be released soon. in the meantime, we’re selling a superduper limited tour CD at shows. we’re also working on a remix of one of our favorite roots rai vocalists & some other stuff.

I’m using several records in the above piece, but the main beat is a riddim produced by Matt Shadetek & myself, called Hot Pink. The low-end overloads occasionally on this recording (these things happen). Matt & I have been making beats on the regular for awhile now. Our new project doesn’t have a name yet. But WE ARE STARTING A NEW LABEL: Dutty Artz. more on Dutty Artz when i feel vaguely human again (not tonite)

upcoming dates:

Oct 11 : duo w/ Andy Moor, The Cube Bristol
Oct 12 : DJ set, Bangface London
Oct 13 : DJ set, OT301 Amsterdam
Oct 18 : duo w/ Andy Moor- Reims electricity festival
Oct 19 : duo w/ Andy Moor montpelier
Oct 20 : duo w/ Andy Moor feyzin (near Lyon)
Oct 21 : duo w/ Andy Moor Geneve
Nov 10 : Nettle. live in Rome!

ok. one two three sleep!

see you on the road


  1. Is the same superduper limited thing as before (that I got in San Francisco recently) or is this a new superduper limited thing?

  2. Damn. I didn’t know Bangface was going to be this big. Damn and fuck.

  3. Jace! Looking forward to more good things from any new label of yours, but still trying to get ahold of the Maga Bo disc on Soot. Are there still plans for that to show up in the US?

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