a lot of folks have been contacting me about Sonar-time activities next week in Barcelona.

here’s the deal-

my band Nettle plays next Friday, June 15th, 4pm at Sonar.

the best off-site party in Barcelona is U.S.B.. 4 local event crews team up to bring us: Bong Ra, Filastine, Vex’d, Maga Bo, DJ Distance, DJ Maxximums, and more over 3 days. (more info + fotos here)

just in from Rio, Maga Bo & MC BNegao perform at a USB kick-off in Poble Nou next wednesday, and then fri & sat nite’s events take place IN A CAVE (!) turned club outside of Bcn called La Cova. Here’s the flyer for that:

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2 thoughts on “LA PRÓMIXA SEMANA”

  1. why’s Maga Bo not on the flyer and some people that can’t mix (no names Maxx) to save their lives is? Nah, seriously good lineup though. Hmm.
    Can Anyone say RyanAir? Damn.

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