had a very nice chat w/ Geoff @ Postopolis today, covering lots of ground around music, migration, urban identity, spaces of possibility. although my favorite part was after the Q&A (which eventually turned to my impressions of NYC as a site for musical activity) when i went downstairs with Jess & some other staff and one of the women said “great talk. but do you really think that Dipset has fallen off?”

i’ll be back there (with Harlem beats to the contrary?) to drop tunes at the closing party — 7-9ish this saturday. you are invited. i imagine the free bass & free booze wont last 4 long, but the space — as you can see below — is incredible, spilling out into the street. cut-n-pasted details:


Closing Party
Saturday, June 2, 2007
at 7pm
DJ Rupture and DJ N-ron

After three days of near-continuous conversations, interviews, pecha kuchas and discussions at Storefront hosted by BLDGBLOG (Los Angeles), City of Sound (London), Inhabitat(New York City), and Subtopia (San Francisco), Postopolis! moves towards the closing party on Saturday, June 2, with music by DJ Rupture, author of Mudd Up! blog, and DJ N-ron.

(In case you missed them, you can view videos of the first three days of Postopolis! on Storefront’svideoblog and on the Postopolis! Flickr pool)


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