late-breaking news. no time so i just cut & paste their promo text:

Pure Fire Returns!!!
Tues., May 1, 9 p.m.
APT, 419 West 13th St. (at 9th Ave.) Manhattan
FREE + OPEN BAR from 9 -10 (Sagatiba cachaca!!!)

DJ Rupture (Soot Records, Tigerbeat 6)
Rupture blesses us with another 3-turntable exercise in advanced vinyl manipulation, hot on the heels of his new mix CD Shotgun Wedding 6: Secret Google Cheat Codes.

Plus Pure Fire Resident DJs Criterion, NRON, Peter Gunn, Reaganomics and Smallchange spinning the best in urban beats, from dubstep, jungle, breakcore, grime, dancehall, rap, breaks and beyond. Come down and support what we hope to be a new monthly at a sweet spot to hear music on a great system. Open bar from 9 – 10 on Sagatiba cachaca drinks.

20 thoughts on “TUESDAY IS THE NEW FRIDAY”

  1. Wasn’t able to make it out last night….. you going to be anywhere else in the city this week??

  2. I triple-love the new Shotgun Wedding… just incredible stuff. One question though: were the female vocal bits from the Bulgarian Women’s Choir?

  3. what female vocal bits? on my half of the mix? filastine’s half has a detailed tracklisting, i’m working on reconstructing my tracklist too.
    i think the only non-english female vox i used were Inuit!

    glad you like it, thanks a lot

  4. I’ve ID a bit if it helps.

    1.) Various Productions “Hater”
    DJ Rupture w/ Elizabeth Alexander “Overture: Watermelon City”
    2.) Public Enemy “Bring The Noise”
    The Runaways UK? Gah I know this track (or this sample) and I can’t remember it!
    3.) Crime Mob “Knuck If You Buck”
    Skream “Lightning”
    4.) “Ring Ding Ding” Dancehall choon
    5.) Gnarls Barkley , Rubi Dan , T.O.K. , Beenie Man “Creezy Hype (Punchline Remix)”
    Elephant Man “Fuck U Sign”
    6.) Justin Timberlake “Sexyback”
    7.) Google returned nothing helpful when I typed “Stop Mommy Work It Like That” in.
    8.) Rachid Taha “Ya Rayah”
    Baby Blak “Push Instrumental” (??)
    9.) Joanne Newsom “The Book of Right-On”
    10.) Neko Case “Dirty Knife”
    DJ Rupture w/ Sister Nancy “Little More Oil”
    11.) Byron Murray “Street Swing (Version)”
    Yung Joc “It’s Going Down (Acapella)”
    12.) Some crazy spoken word piece that I have no what it is.
    Some minimal piece? Phil Niblock maybe?
    13.) Mali? Guinea? Inuit haha? Some soundclash/junglist thing layered faintly underneath which I also can’t recognize.

  5. pretty good Alex!! you knew the Baby Blak instro? props! (I got that for 1 pound in london)

  6. signalstation — oh! you mean the last track on my mix? i’d forgotten that . that is ….. drumroll please…. [actually, whoever IDs it should get some sort of prize. it’s totally not Inuit.]

  7. Hah I actually recognized it because you played it on the Fader show you did in December!

  8. Yeah, I was trying to place the vocals from the last track. I’ll just camp out & wait for the playlist reconstruction, I guess. Alex did pretty good so far, it looks like!

  9. 5.) Gnarls Barkley , Rubi Dan , T.O.K. , Beenie Man “Creezy Hype (Punchline Remix)”
    Elephant Man “Fuck U Sign”

    there’s a little bit of Jay-Z from Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” in there too

    great mix BTW

  10. yes indeed. ‘Huriyet’ the 1st time The Ex has been mistaken for the Bulgarian Women’s Choir! its a cover version of an ethiopian song about freedom. i actually posted it on muddup not too far back. j

  11. True. I love that particular “tribal” side of this band. I think “Nem úgy van most” is my fav EX song.

    I think You also posted some spoken word by the woman who is represented in the mix as referred here to “Some crazy spoken word piece”. God, what was her name…

  12. Hey, if you’ve got a problem with the way Sublime Frequencies releases music, then why no tracklist published on secret google cheat codes (but filastine has one)?

    sounds tight, though.

  13. andrew- read these comments more carefully- as i note above, i’m working on my tracklist for SGCC! its gonna be cool… not that that is especially relevant to my problems w/ how SubFreq release, contextualize, and frame music.

  14. hallo to you.
    first off all,verry tuff mix!i must listen it every day,at the moment.
    my question is,what is it for a smal dubstep clip for 2 times ,after -Joanne Newsom “The Book of Right-On”-
    peace on
    thank you

  15. thanx! next mix will be tuffer… i think the tune you want is ‘shallow’ by Clouds. They sample Joanna Newsom… they’re on myspace, strong tunes.

  16. so this is the crazy frog vocal.. what’s the grime bit with it?

    the ‘junglist clash’ at the end is by N-Type from Dub Police 002. its actually not public enemy – bring the noise either, but ‘cycheouts ghost – urami’ from the vikalpa lp which samples P.E. and i think theres a track off the timeblind soot 12″.

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