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[DJ Rupture summer 08 mix cd cover]

I’ll be playing several UK dates starting tomorrow, accompanied by vocalist Jahdan Blakkamoore. JD’s got his debut EP out on Dutty Artz, I made a special full-length mix CD for the occasion, and all parties promise to be fun fun fun.

plus: People actually care about music in Britian, it’s crazy. I think it’s partly John Peel’s fault.

so come give a shout, tell a friend, shake it up, buy our merchandise, etc:

Wed 9th July Swansea Monkey Club

Thu 10th July London Corsica Studios

Fri 11th July Birmingham Supersonic Festival

Sat 12th July Bristol Ruffnek Diskotek @ The Croft

Wed 16th July Brighton Freebutt

Fri 18th July Belfast Diston @ The Black Box

Sat 19th July Sheffield C90 @ The Shakespeare Sun

20th July Berkshire Glade Festival

Above you see the cover of my summer mix CD (“Porque Soy Sonidero Y Voy A Muchos Lugares”) available only at live shows!! Shout to Sonido Martines & Vampiros for the cover artwork. I did this mix on Saturday, brought it to my Chinese Harlem bootleggers on Sunday, and got em back less than 24 hours later. gotta love NYC efficiency! heaps of exclusives on there too..

and here’s a picture of Jahdan wearing sunglasses and a tshirt with a picture of a man wearing sunglasses and a tshirt.

Representations of representations of representations are the new representations of representations, nah’mean?

Jahdan EP info


institutional heat!?! 7:30 sharp. I get the feeling that turning up on-time or pre-ordering tickets will be a good move… price includes museum admission.

I ordered extra subwoofers & Klash is reportedly bringing his dancers. fair chance the white-box theater will get duttied up. click image 4 info:



in a hotel whose eves are lit with neon on the outskirts of a city on the outskirts of Lyon. Women are boxing each other in slo-motion on the television – who put on the sports channel? anyhow
Paris this evening! (Soot family + friends in the house! last of the ___ international playboys)


+ + +
Cairo Sound City: “…people who are shouting – without realizing that they’re shouting – even while they rail against the all-pervasive noise; with people who are screaming – without realizing that they’re screaming – even while denying that the city has become quite loud; and with one man who, oblivious to the cacophonous sounds around him, turns on his radio – and cranks it all the way up in order to hear it.
The overall effect, then, is that the city now sounds more like a stationary airplane engine, an endless and deafening roar on the deltaic northern fringe of the Sahara Desert.”

+ + +
late nite flamenco deflects the chill of reluctant french spring:
Tomás Pavon – Cantes de Tomás Pavon (from Early Cante Flamenco from the 1930s)



…got my first DJ booking in North Africa — May 1st at a lakeside spot in Marrakesh! (yes that is a photo of the place.)


Ghislain Poirier on WFMU, S/FJ on Ghis, .


dancehall / cumbia / hood electro / grime / dubstep / tropical aka

your friday night plans: DUTTY ARTZ TROPICAL DANCE, Glasslands, williamburglandia.

Its just me, Geko Jones, and Matt Shadetek dropping tunes all nite long (I’ll be playing early and late sets).

$2 before 11pm, only six bucks after… cheap drinks & all the dutty wine and tropical shakers you could ask for. We have deep quality crates and a lot of new heat to share. hosted by Ladidadi, crazed color-art by Artz Atak, plus low-end reggae soundsystem reinforcements for that extra bump.

keywords: FUN MISTAKES


OiNK is dead. In the past week, I was invited to 2 post-OiNK sites (by an altruistic stranger and the same woman who gave me my first taste of pig). Both sites are quite good. Together they have almost as many members as OiNK did, and they’re only a few months old. You can change the skin/stylesheet of each one to an ‘OiNK’ setting, so it looks almost exactly like our departed friend.

Cut off the head, several grow back.


I’m playing NYC’s DubWar party tonite, with special guest Jah Dan blessing the mic. Details and ticket giveway over at Dutty Artz.

Matt Shadetek & I sat down and looked at our release schedule for 2008 – it is beastly. It is craziness. We are being topsecret w/ power moves for the moment but soon we’ll turn it on and it won’t stop. the label has a myspace, the iceberg’s tip.


Alan blogs. And it’s great. sorry, gringos.


Greg = gringo, but when he writes about funk carioca, he talks about contracts, which is wonderful. His post led me to Flamin Hotz, who talks about contracts, which is wonderful. The Flamin Hotz post is the best online overview i’ve seen of funk economics; before you can even talk about international exploitation/interaction, there’s a ton of Brasil-side madness to contend with:

When the artist in the favela sells the song, the contracts stipulates that he is signing over all of his rights to the music for a one time fee (roughly $1000 reais or approximately $500), the artist will not be allowed to play the song live any more, and that the artist will get no credit for the musical process that was put into the song. In the Baile Funk scene this is just business as usual and has created a huge divide in who actually is getting money from CD sales, radio play, and international licensing. Our goal with our international release is to combat this system where money is only filtering to the top of the food chain.

This touches on what happens in many musical ecosystems across the planet. Most of the classic reggae tunes, for example, are owned and controlled by the studio bosses, so when labels like Soul Jazz license material the studio bosses are the ones they must legally deal with — the ones who get paid. For example, if you want to put Sister Nancy’s classic anthem ‘Bam Bam’ on a compilation, you do not need her permission and she does not receive any money from it, even though she wrote and performed the lyrics.

The music business is a kind of pathetic vivid nightmare, run by greedy people, dilettantes, and people who don’t like music.


Maga Bo knows incredible amounts about Brazilian music. A comprehensive radio show/podcast he’s done for years is now archived at Spannered.


Today, Friday nov 16, i’ll be DJing at the Sonic Focus event in Providence, Rhode Island. 9:15-10:15pm. We can all be in bed by midnite.

S called this morning. “Do you mind if I follow you around for a day?”

And below, an unwatchable video from a recent gig I did w/ Andy in Geneva, filmed by a kindly Russian fan. He’s responsible for those craaazy effects.

DJ Rupture & Andy Moor [Live in Geneve]


wanna win a pair of tickets to tomorrow’s Dub War in NYC?

Name this riddim. First person to e-mail the correct name/info to nettlephonic at yahoo dot com gets free tickets. If you think nerds don’t deserve free tickets, send me a pretty song instead and we’ll see.

??? – ???? (Mudd Up! DubWar ticket giveaway)

It’s a record release party for my man Raz Mesinai. As mentioned earlier, his new album contains remixes by Filastine, Kode 9, Marina Rosenfeld, and yours truly.


dubwar nov full