heaps of gigs this month.

March 8 DJ Rupture, Filastine. Seattle
March 9 DJ Rupture, Filastine. Olympia
March 10 DJ Rupture, Filastine. San Francisco .
afterparty w/ Lemonade & 606!
March 16 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Amsterdam NL
March 17 DJ Rupture @ Bashout. Bristol UK
March 19 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Paris FR
March 20 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Tourcoing FR
March 21 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Orleans FR
March 22 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Amiens FR
March 23 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Brussels BE
March 24 Rupture+Andy Moor duo. Nancy FR
March 25 Nettle: quartet w/ dp on video. Seville SP
March 29 DJ Rupture @ Reboot. Barcelona. SP


9 thoughts on “AT YOUR DOOR”

  1. almost…. but no, i wont have it with me. BUT we will have 2 items of note along w/ the usual stuff — a rupture-filastine mix CD (my half is unreleased, his will be released on our ‘shotgun wedding mix’ out this april on Violent Turd), and a cd of Andy Moor & I live in Amsterdam.

  2. nice to see that you’re making out to the west coast. two questions for you…(1) when do you expect to come on at the san francisco show and (2) where’s the afterparty?

  3. jason– we agree.. talk to yr local portland promoters. we tried hard to make it happen but nothing came thru.

  4. Can’t wait to see you in SF. I am sure Grey has introduced you to his shady cohorts in Seattle hopefully he can do same here in SF since I’ve relocated.

  5. Would have loved to have hosted you in Portland. Had no idea until today that you were playing the West Coast. Keep us in the loop next time so we can get a shot at bringing you to P-town. Hope the tour went well.


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