tonite’s radio show will be from 6-8pm EST! After the 2 week marathon madness, rest assured i’ve got ’nuff new tunes to run through… Next week: special guest Ghislain Poirier.


had a chance to check the new Kingdom mixtape and it’s zuper — streamable (and buyable) here. What’s it sound like? “ANIMATED GIFS, SECRET RURAL HOMOTHUG PARTIES, TIE-DYE, SUBWOOFERS PASSING IN THE NIGHT, MEMORIES FOREVER.”

(Memories forever? Funes the memorious understands that that sounds like a curse… )

here’s a locative Harlem b-more Cam’Ron / Kingdom refix from it to speed along your day.

DJ Chris J – Party Time (Kingdom Remix ft. Cam’ron)


dutty wine bassline.

radio news! — this year each episode of my MuddUp! show on WFMU 91.1 FM NYC will be podcast.

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As you probably know, each show can be streamed for a few weeks after it airs (and is rebroadcast on a few European stations), but now we’re upping the ante.

Because FMU is a ‘real station’ we must tunnel thru a small mountain of paperwork and clearance forms, getting release forms from labels & artists for the majority of RIAA-radar material.

What this means is that the podcasts will be edited versions of the regular broadcast, containing all the material we are able to clear – so tune in live and check the streams for the full thing. But podcasts have their uses too…

if you are a label or artist and see the value of having your material mixed in & talked about on the show in a 128kbps downloadable format, get in touch with

this week’s show (tonite, wednesday, 7-8pm EST) will pick up with more Moroccan gnawa and move into who knows where, w/ tix giveaways for DubWar on Friday.


upcoming goodness live guests:::

Jan 23 – Dexplicit exclusive mix

Feb 20 – Brian from Awesome Tapes From Africa playing awesome tapes from Thailand!

Mar 5 – Ghislain Poirier


Today, 7-8pm on my WFMU show, on-air performance by artist Kalup Linzy!

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& next Wed., poet Caroline Bergvall will stop by the show with poems and sounds! She’ll be in NYC to read at MoMA’s Hell.

as always, for more info about the program, for info on the FM station including how to listen online, and my streaming archives from the past few weeks. Kalup was first muddied up here.


a big shout to The Fader, who reminded me that tonite’s special guest on my radio show is Brian from the Awesome Tapes From Africa blog. (yeah, i’m in France, and kinda sick too; he was kind enough to come down a few weeks ago & pre-record the show).

Brian is super-knowledgeable about this stuff & has a killer selection in store for us… listen in 15min or catch the archive. PLUS, next week, a live DJ set from Fool’s Gold nonstop DJ-alchemist Nick Catchdubs, fresh from his label’s debut US tour!


this evening is a good one for WFMU — from 7-8pm I’ll be playing some brand new dubsteppy/grimey stuff & hosting a live set by Dave Q & JuaKali of Dub War NYC. After that comes Dave Mandl w/ special guest Colleen. Colleen’s real name isn’t Colleen, she’s great, we played a show together in France and although i haven’t heard any of the studio albums i’m sure her delicate, neo-archaic music translates quite well to radio.



tonite’s radio show will be mostly ‘quiet’ North African tunes.

then next week, a heap of new beats.

coming soon, special guests: Dave Q & JuaKali (Dub War live!), Nick Catchdubs, Filastine, and Thursday Born (Awesome Tapes From Africa).

producers from various European stations have been reaching out — as a result, my show, Mudd Up!, will be rebroadcast in Belgium, France, and Croatia! very exciting, the sound spreads, someone is listening amidst all that silence and static, details next week.

we did field recordings all around NYC yesterday, more on that soon


there’s a big post bubbling (BECKETT’S HALO) which i havent had time to finish ; until then-

3 radiolandia items of note:

yesterday’s 3-hour show was ‘accuplaylisted’, which means you can listen to the streaming archives by song — a very useful feature. i’ll do this on my regular slot whenever possible. We also accuplaylisted the interview session w/ Sonido Martines, although the start times won’t be as precise.

my regular show will be rebroadcast by an FM station in Brussels! big up Charlotte L, a true superhero. more info soon.

It turns out that Dave Mandl, host of the show following mine, is an editor at Brooklyn Rail, and, more stunningly (to me), he co-edited the best anthology of writing on radio ever, Radiotext(e). (Amazon used copies)

cover art’s kinda crappy but this book contains an unsurpassed assortment of essays exploring what radio is & can be.