there’s a big post bubbling (BECKETT’S HALO) which i havent had time to finish ; until then-

3 radiolandia items of note:

yesterday’s 3-hour show was ‘accuplaylisted’, which means you can listen to the streaming archives by song — a very useful feature. i’ll do this on my regular slot whenever possible. We also accuplaylisted the interview session w/ Sonido Martines, although the start times won’t be as precise.

my regular show will be rebroadcast by an FM station in Brussels! big up Charlotte L, a true superhero. more info soon.

It turns out that Dave Mandl, host of the show following mine, is an editor at Brooklyn Rail, and, more stunningly (to me), he co-edited the best anthology of writing on radio ever, Radiotext(e). (Amazon used copies)

cover art’s kinda crappy but this book contains an unsurpassed assortment of essays exploring what radio is & can be.



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