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radio news! — this year each episode of my MuddUp! show on WFMU 91.1 FM NYC will be podcast.

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As you probably know, each show can be streamed for a few weeks after it airs (and is rebroadcast on a few European stations), but now we’re upping the ante.

Because FMU is a ‘real station’ we must tunnel thru a small mountain of paperwork and clearance forms, getting release forms from labels & artists for the majority of RIAA-radar material.

What this means is that the podcasts will be edited versions of the regular broadcast, containing all the material we are able to clear – so tune in live and check the streams for the full thing. But podcasts have their uses too…

if you are a label or artist and see the value of having your material mixed in & talked about on the show in a 128kbps downloadable format, get in touch with

this week’s show (tonite, wednesday, 7-8pm EST) will pick up with more Moroccan gnawa and move into who knows where, w/ tix giveaways for DubWar on Friday.


upcoming goodness live guests:::

Jan 23 – Dexplicit exclusive mix

Feb 20 – Brian from Awesome Tapes From Africa playing awesome tapes from Thailand!

Mar 5 – Ghislain Poirier

5 thoughts on “RADIO UPDATE”

  1. that is great news indeed. like buzz- any chance of the old ones being podcast too?

  2. good question! i think we can put up the GUEST SHOWS — Drop The Lime, Caroline Bergvall, Filastine, Awesome Tapes From Africa, Dave Q & Juakali, Sonido Martines pt 1 & 2, Kalup Linzy — pretty easily.

    the regular shows prob wont take priority, itll be enough work getting the new ones cleared & edited. thanks for asking though! we’re excited.

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