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  1. Hi DJ Rupture, this is anne from astoria who won the cumbia prize after pledging on your show on wfmu tonight. thank you again for the prize, the premium and for doing such awesome shows, cds and blogs. your story about the Ecuadorian cabdriver reminded me of a story that i think you will appreciate.

    i went to college in ann arbor, MI, in the early 90s. i totally grew up listening to low-watt radio (WORB) in the detroit suburbs before that so when i moved to college, i tuned into U of Michigan’s station, WCBN. one day i heard this crazy old song and i recorded it on tape. i didn’t know what it was, nor did i hear the dj say what it was. the next day i took the tape to tower records and asked the gentleman at the counter if he might listen to the song and see if he could identify it. it was an old song, woman vocals, i woulda guessed from the 50’s or 60’s. totally wild guess on my part and not the type of stuff i’d listen to normally. the tower records gentleman offered to play it over the PA system. i was a little nervous about that, it seemed kinda risky for them to do but i was like, okay. He played it and the weird song came on over the store. as song played, a guy came up and asked, what is this?! where did you get this?! i said i recorded it off the radio yesterday and he said, well i’m the dj who played it on the radio! he said it was from a movie called the 10th victim. i listened to that song for days and carried it with me through the years even as i unloaded mixtapes to lighten my load throughout several moves throughout and after college.

    fast forward more than 10 years and 3 states later and i’ve long shed most of my cassettes including that one with the weird song. my husband gets a movie in the mail a few weeks ago (through greencine, similar to netflix’ service). it’s the 10th victim. the name sounds familiar to me, but i’m not sure. could it be that movie that the song was on? nawwww, it was the 10th something but i couldn’t remember what. he puts the dvd in and the song that plays with the dvd menu is an instrumental version of that old song. i tell him the story and i sit down to watch the movie with him so i can finally see the song in the movie.

    it’s an Italian cult movie from 1965 and my husband can’t even remember what prompted him to put it on his movie list. i watch the movie with him and the instrumental version of the song comes on several times. it’s a very silly movie, funny, very hip for the times and we get to the end and that song never comes on! well, it does at the very end but with Italian vocals, but NOT the song i heard way back when on the radio!! feeling very unsatisfied, i look it up on the web and i find it finally. there wasn’t the web when i first heard the song, which now i know the name/composer, etc so i could now finally look it up. it is Spiral Waltz (English Version) by Piero Piccioni and you can hear it here if you want to http://www.moviegrooves.com/shop/et-ladecimavittima.htm

    Anyhow, sorry for the long story. i have other weird tracking-down-tunes stories but i’ll save that for another time. in the meantime, thanks again for all that you do!


  2. ei Alan! es musica tejana, (im)pura y dura. tengo al menos 3 versiones ‘crunk’ de Atrevete… luego te los envio. abrazo

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