8 thoughts on “JIMMY ADJA”

  1. ey yo rupture, i was wondering any chance your wfmu sets are going to be downloadable in the future, i’d love having them on my mp3 player

    1 love, buzz

  2. buzz- maybe.. we’re workin on it. i’d love to make em downloadable but its illegal to do so for any RIAA music… i.e. i need signed release forms for every tune i play.. live sets are different though… long story. stay tuned.

  3. wow! OK, so when I was in my early teens and lived in Iran, I had this mixed tape that my cousin had give me, which had this awesome French song that we used to sing along to, even though we had no idea what the heck the vocalist was saying in French. Hearing this Bollywood “Jimmy” made me realize it is the same song. Who does the original of this? It is killing me!


  4. hey buzz- if you want an mp3 copy of the show (and your using a mac) do the following

    download sound flower (http://www.cycling74.com/products/soundflower) which is a digital routing/mixing application

    download audacity a recording editing app

    both are FREE

    Stream the show in your proffered format (real and itunes supported) use sound flower to route to the sound through audacity and record using audacity- recording is real time so go to the corner store or something.

    when the stream is finished recording export as Mp3 and……
    An mp3 of mudd up

  5. LOL, I love the MIA song, but if this is the original, I can hardly even tell the difference. I usually like covers to at least present some new take on the original. Oh well, great song either way. Thanks for the video!

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