fiesta soot sept 13

this Saturday in Manhattan, the Soot gang’s all here. (a real accomplishment considering we’re nonstop touring and live on 3 different continents).

then on Sunday I’ll be setting up shop alongside other “Superstar DJs” at the Brooklyn Flea and selling some choice records from my collection.

info on both events:

FIESTA SOOT – Sat Sept. 13th @ Bowery Poetry Club. 308 Bowery, NYC
$5 b4 11pm, $8 after. 10pm-late.

“to celebrate the release of Maga Bo’s debut album, Archipelagoes (in stores on September 22nd), we’re uniting the world-travelling Soot gang to a Manhattan rendezvous on Saturday September 13!!

Maga Bo from Brazil will unleash a special live/DJ set incorporating material from Archipelagoes. Come find out why his live sets are so in-demand (Turntable of the Hudson, London’s Fabric, and Berlin’s Transmediale all came knocking on his door this month). Fresh from their successful Europe tour, DJ Rupture & Jahdan Blakkamoore will present their dubbed-out soundsystem set for the first time in the US. Be sure to check Rupture’s new video for his upcoming mix album, Uproot.

Pirate-turned percussionista Filastine is gonna unveil material from his forthcoming album on Soot, and DJs Geko Jones & Eliel Lucero will round things out with the latest in guaracha y bass, cumbia, and dubstep.

last minute special guest — La Yegros, one of our favorite vocalists for Buenos Aires hopping scene, will bring her special flavors of Arabic-tinged beats + vocales for a live PA.”


then we eat a very nice breakfast or maybe even brunch and meet up at Fort Greene’s mighty Flea:

Record Fair Flyer 1


I wrote this post a week ago then forgot to push it live. Without further ado:

Cumbia and Auto-Tune – two great tastes that taste great together… It’s from Pesadilla, one of the biggest LA Mexican sonidera groups (their CDs are all over NYC). El Hijo de la Cumbia used to do a lot of production for Pesadilla & remains notorious in the sonidera scene for his forward-thinking beats. El Hijo stopped producing for the big sonidera groups to go solo and will release his debut album on Soot this fall... VERY EXCITING.

more on El Hijo soon, here’s the Pesadilla autotune track:


Pesadilla – Chica Vacilona

shouts to Brooklyn bredren Uproot Andy, who just gifted the internets with his Guacharaca Migration mixtape. Andy missed the ‘Knuck if You Buck remix moratorium’ memo that was sent out last year, but it’s a powerful session nonetheless (BROOKLYN STAND TALL). The tape is filled with Andy’s maximal uptempo remixes of latin & african tunes. This excerpt spans his reworkings of Petrona Martinez “La Vida Vale La Pena” and Noite e Dia Ft. Puto Prata vs Quantic “Mana Dança Só”


Uproot Andy – Guacharaca Migration excerpt



on the radio tonite: Street Sound Special with Filastine
Wednesday, September 10th, 7pm – 8pm
Filastine SubtonicNYC

“Barcelona-based musician Filastine joins DJ Rupture to discuss field recording, street music, and the transformative political possibilities of sound in public space. Filastine will share with us on-site recordings he has made from India to Morocco, not to mention outside the Republican National Convention.”

Filastine is in NYC for Saturday’s Fiesta Soot. He’ll be debuting lots of new material from his upcoming album (i’ve heard it , its great- out in January). Here’s edited footage from a concert in France:

Filastine Live (hi quality, edited)


I was hoping to scan some covers and share impressions of my summer reading – but it’s past Labor Day (Americanized MayDay) so summer is being ushered out. Time to get started!:

Shah of Shahs – Ryszard Kapuscinski. This book – about social upheaval, large-scale repression and its lingering impact, wrong-footed modernity, individual heroics and weaknesses that stitch together society – is almost too beautiful. Every page radiates poetic lucidity, even – especially – as he covers some of the more horrible aspects of Iranian life under the Shah leading up through the subsequent revolution. Kapuscinski’s observations spill into now; I can’t imagine a time when this book will not be relevant.

An excerpt from the introduction:

What’s more, you are never sure who has locked you up, since no identifying marks differentiate the various representatives of violence whom you encounter, no uniforms or caps, no armbands or badges–these are simply armed civilians whose authority must be accepted unquestioningly if you care about your life. After a few days, though, we grow used to them and learn to tell them apart. This distinguished-looking man, in his well-made white shirt and carefully matched tie, walking down the street shouldering a rifle is certainly a militiaman in one of the ministries or central offices. On the other hand, this masked boy (a woolen stocking pulled over his head and holes cut out at eyes and mouth) is a local feyadeen no one’s supposed to know by sight or name. We can’t be sure about these people dressed in green U.S. Army fatigue jackets, rushing by in cars, barrels of guns pointed out the windows. They might be from the militia, but then again they might belong to one of the opposition combat groups (religious fantatics, anarchists, last remnants of Savak) hurrying with suicidal determination to carry out an act of sabotage or revenge.

But finally it’s not fun trying to predict just whose ambush is waiting you, whose trap you’ll fall into. People don’t like surprises, so they barricade themselves in their homes at night. My hotel is also locked (at this hour the sound of gunfire mingles with the creaking of shutters rolling down and the slamming shut of gates and doors). No friends will drop by; nothing like that will happen. I have no one to talk to. I’m sitting along looking through notes and pictures on the table, listening to taped conversations.


ok. more books soon!



prompted by summer’s end (with the thunderous chaos of Brooklyn carnaval), I’m working on some longer “Summertime Reading” posts (better late than never). In the meantime, this is a quick note to say I’ll be playing a short set at Amsterdam’s Night of the Unexpected Festival this Friday. I go on around 10:40pm. (Wait, this is Holland: I go on precisely at 10:40pm.)

Other performers include the Stephen O’Malley/Pita project, Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman, Dick el Demasiado, and a performance of Iannis Xenakis’ Mycènes Alpha.

No idea what I will play; it’ll be hands-on and relatively busy, prob about half danceish and other other half in the outer reaches of turntable galaxy.

So much travel has made my brain or body jetlag-agnostic, so we may head over to Bassculture @ OT301 after Unexpected.