I wrote this post a week ago then forgot to push it live. Without further ado:

Cumbia and Auto-Tune – two great tastes that taste great together… It’s from Pesadilla, one of the biggest LA Mexican sonidera groups (their CDs are all over NYC). El Hijo de la Cumbia used to do a lot of production for Pesadilla & remains notorious in the sonidera scene for his forward-thinking beats. El Hijo stopped producing for the big sonidera groups to go solo and will release his debut album on Soot this fall... VERY EXCITING.

more on El Hijo soon, here’s the Pesadilla autotune track:


Pesadilla – Chica Vacilona

shouts to Brooklyn bredren Uproot Andy, who just gifted the internets with his Guacharaca Migration mixtape. Andy missed the ‘Knuck if You Buck remix moratorium’ memo that was sent out last year, but it’s a powerful session nonetheless (BROOKLYN STAND TALL). The tape is filled with Andy’s maximal uptempo remixes of latin & african tunes. This excerpt spans his reworkings of Petrona Martinez “La Vida Vale La Pena” and Noite e Dia Ft. Puto Prata vs Quantic “Mana Dança Só”


Uproot Andy – Guacharaca Migration excerpt


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