[Filastine and friends in Copenhagen]

Something’s in the air this fall. I’m seized with a terrible sadness at the passing of things. (Reading heavy Uruguayan writer Juan Carlos Onetti’s Los Adioses is not helping. “No es que crea imposible curarse, sino que no cree en el valor, en la trascendencia de curarse”…). Maybe it’s the cool weather, the planetary alignments, my mysterious heart beating in & out of sync with your mysterious heart, some odd combination of forces which shudder and cough as the new season begins.

Here’s a song which I released on Soot two years back, by Filastine. Fits the mood. Flamenco swirls pitch contemplative, lean elegiac…



Filastine – The Sinking Ship (from Dirty Bomb)

Grey Filastine discusses the recording session, or you can just check the video — note microphone taped to cardboard box:

Last I blogged about Filastine was his Copenhagen Sound Swarm project – a high-volume multichannel bike-mounted soundsystem to be used inside the Bike Bloc during the Copenhagen Climate summit.


[Sound Swarm bicycles in preparation]

Months later he has upped a frustratingly short description/documentation of what happened… (Why does it seem that that the people making the best memories have the least time/inclination to ‘record’ and ‘share’ them? This may be a blessing). Here’s an excerpt:

The Sound Swarm is a rolling loudspeaker orkestra, a loose choreography of bicycles who together form a distributed mobile sound system to be used for direct action interventions or just ripping a hole in the fabric of everyday life.

Aggregated into sub-swarms according to our tools: ants with megaphones hats, birds with home-made resonant 5-gallon bucket speaker systems, fish with a collection of 80’s boomboxes, and bees with megaphones mounted on tall crutches. Each of these groups was fed a distinct audio channel via four fm transmitters mounted on the queen bee, a type of chariot built from two tall bikes with a cockpit in the center for the sound controller. The queen is armed with so many batteries, cables, gadgets, and antennas that it looked more lunar landing craft than anything for use on this planet. One of the festival curators called it “something from the next century”. We can only hope she is right, that the art of the future will be made from junk, powered by human sweat, and defy the law.

. . . we rolled off curbs, over cobblestones, through grass, dodging police, sometimes cowering under a plastic sheet during brief rain showers, while controlling five-channels of sound spread across thirty moving speakers in a chaotic mass of hundreds of bicycles pouring through the dark streets of an unfamiliar city.



This Saturday, Mitch McEwen and I will co-host a panel/teach-in on Do-It-Yourself Public Space Making at SUPERFRONT’s Brooklyn storefront gallery. The event is second in a series that leads up to the construction of a public space in the backyard of the gallery. raw data:

Mixtape on DIY (Do It Yourself) Public Space-Making. Sat April 10, 4-6pm. @ Superfront, 1432 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn.

Discussion panel with Cristina Goberna (Fake Industries | Architectural Agonism), Justin Moore, (New York City Planning, Brooklyn), Ena McPherson (Parks, Arts & Culture, Community Board 3), Jordan Seiler (New York Street Advertising Takeover), hosted by DJ /rupture and Mitch McEwen (SUPERFRONT).

Choose to participate in 1 of 3 teach-ins after the panel: 1) community zoning basics 2) spring gardening tactics 3) property disobedience and public dialogue.

$5 suggested donation for the 4pm panel and workshops, but no one turned away.



Back in October, Pitchfork TV followed me around for a day: studio visit, Brooklyn tacos with Matt Shadetek, some recording in Bushwick alongside Brent Arnold, and my show on WFMU.

It was a strange thrill to walk around my usual haunts being filmed by a 3-person camera crew: people stare, ask questions. Soaked in the media bath. You feel mildly famous and ultra-conspicuous

the revolution will not be televised – it will be embedded.

+ + +
For more behind-the-scenes info, music producers and beatmakers should check out this great post by Matt Shadetek where he discusses our studio technique in detail. Matt will be doing these weekly, take note!


on the radio tonite: Street Sound Special with Filastine
Wednesday, September 10th, 7pm – 8pm
Filastine SubtonicNYC

“Barcelona-based musician Filastine joins DJ Rupture to discuss field recording, street music, and the transformative political possibilities of sound in public space. Filastine will share with us on-site recordings he has made from India to Morocco, not to mention outside the Republican National Convention.”

Filastine is in NYC for Saturday’s Fiesta Soot. He’ll be debuting lots of new material from his upcoming album (i’ve heard it , its great- out in January). Here’s edited footage from a concert in France:

Filastine Live (hi quality, edited)