prompted by summer’s end (with the thunderous chaos of Brooklyn carnaval), I’m working on some longer “Summertime Reading” posts (better late than never). In the meantime, this is a quick note to say I’ll be playing a short set at Amsterdam’s Night of the Unexpected Festival this Friday. I go on around 10:40pm. (Wait, this is Holland: I go on precisely at 10:40pm.)

Other performers include the Stephen O’Malley/Pita project, Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman, Dick el Demasiado, and a performance of Iannis Xenakis’ Mycènes Alpha.

No idea what I will play; it’ll be hands-on and relatively busy, prob about half danceish and other other half in the outer reaches of turntable galaxy.

So much travel has made my brain or body jetlag-agnostic, so we may head over to Bassculture @ OT301 after Unexpected.


  1. coolio, too bad everytime ur in amsterdam ur playing either very short or some special theme thing like with andy, not saying those arent cool but it would be nice to have som of your tropical dancing vibes here one time aswell

    so ur dj’ing at the bassculture prty aswell?
    anyway, coolio, i’m there and will ask u if i can play some harmonica w/ u

  2. haha, harmonica for all! last time i was in Ams i played a DANCE SET at OT301, although that was relatively low-key and last-minute, true… but yeah, i hear you.. no, i wont be DJing at Bassculture after, alas..

  3. although he can get a little swanky at times, burnt friedman is a MASTER producer… if you haven’t heard the track over at this post, “life is worth dying for”, i kindly insist. it’s off of “can’t cool”, and features vocals from patrice and the best individual bass note drops since aphex twin’s “vordhosbn”…

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