Back in October, Pitchfork TV followed me around for a day: studio visit, Brooklyn tacos with Matt Shadetek, some recording in Bushwick alongside Brent Arnold, and my show on WFMU.

It was a strange thrill to walk around my usual haunts being filmed by a 3-person camera crew: people stare, ask questions. Soaked in the media bath. You feel mildly famous and ultra-conspicuous

the revolution will not be televised – it will be embedded.

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For more behind-the-scenes info, music producers and beatmakers should check out this great post by Matt Shadetek where he discusses our studio technique in detail. Matt will be doing these weekly, take note!


new on XLR8R, a nice video with Matt Shadetek & Jahdan where Matt breaks down some of the history & ideas behind Dutty Artz.

“DJ /Rupture and Matt Shadetek’s Dutty Artz label, blog and parties are indisputably ground zero for New York’s exploding global bass scene. Here, we speak with Shadetek and longtime collaborator Jahdan Blakkamoore about the rising tide of dancehall, daggering, Latin, and tropical and what it takes to push music into the future.”


Yes, I already blogged this, but I’m excited and will repeat myself with more details… Huge shout out to director & animator, Sara Taigher, and illustrator Maria Chiara Di Giorgio.

It was fascinating to watch this animation idea go from vibing with Sara in Rome one hot day last August to storyboards to the final version. Her visual narrative conjures up lovely, imaginative accompaniment to the music and short story found inside the CD packaging. For the 3-minute video we wove two sections of the mix together, using two of the exclusive SLR tracks (one by Matt & I, one by London grime producer Mizz Beats) and those magical voices from Nico Muhly (whose blog is outstanding). “Underwater High Rise feat. DJ Kiva”, our tune, will be released on 12″ next week with 2 other songs from us.

Anyhow, welcome to our world…

Ever since the water rose we had to move the batteries up to the sixth floor and the dolphins have taken over the old studo. Nokea found an octopus in the stairwell. It was sleepy or high or something..

promo text: The production duo of DJ /rupture (aka Jace Clayton) and Matt Shadetek are pleased to announce the release of this absolutely breathtaking new video, directed and animated by Sara Taigher with illustrations by Maria Chiara Di Giorgio, set to the music off their just-released record, Solar Life Raft (out last Tuesday on The Agriculture). The video is a medley featuring DJ /rupture + Matt Shadetek’s “Underwater High Rise,” Nico Muhly’s “Mothertongue Pt. 1,” and Mizz Beats’ “Blue Night.”


So. Halloween was last week, but there’s still time for a little gothic animation / reverse room destruction / nightmare from Chile. Sporting admirable production values: “Materials: charcoal, dirt, flowers, found objects, and cardboard.”



Arabasque flamenco-mambo from the Dominican Republic based on a Eurovision-winning kids’ song from Spain. (Hearing a grown woman sing it removes the pedophilic overtones of the original… I’d rather be dead than plain)


Juliana O’Neal – Antes Muerta Que Sencilla

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The latest episode of XLR8R TV follows me as I dig for cumbia in San Francisco’s Mission. Video starts with a horrible ad, but the rest is fun: