There’s a heavy backend to this post – the role of reggae & reggae signifiers in South America, breakcore guys bringing their swagger and bruised complexity to dubstep production, the new clutch of ‘breakstep’ musicians in Barcelona, crunk synths as the new Amen break, my softcore style, etc etc – but it’s late.

I discovered this Cardopusher album (“Unity Means Power”) when the Japanese label, Murder Channel, wrote me asking for a blurb. Half of it is standard breakcore but when Señor Pusher bends the formula wow happens, such as this jam, crunked out breakstep so good that I don’t mind that it’s soaked in token Jamaican ragga vocal samples. They don’t bother me at all which is strange since my tolerance for that sort of bumbaclott thing, these days, is low. Scud’s “Total Destruction” was released a decade ago, after all.

Last time I was in Bcn with Cauto & co., Cardopusher had recently moved there (from Caracas, Venezuela) but it was late then too, so we didn’t meet up.


Cardopusher – Gaan A Bed