Arabasque flamenco-mambo from the Dominican Republic based on a Eurovision-winning kids’ song from Spain. (Hearing a grown woman sing it removes the pedophilic overtones of the original… I’d rather be dead than plain)


Juliana O’Neal – Antes Muerta Que Sencilla

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The latest episode of XLR8R TV follows me as I dig for cumbia in San Francisco’s Mission. Video starts with a horrible ad, but the rest is fun:


  1. Hey, you were at Taqueria Cancun, the place that fed throughout grad school. That to me is still the Platonic veggie burrito.

    Did you do all your hunting in the Mission, or did you go to the East Bay? Fruitvale mighta been, uh, fruitful.

  2. east bay, never been. although i later discovered that LA is the best city in Yanquistan for cumbia…

  3. hah, that ad IS terrible. anyway…
    i really enjoyed the video – it brought back some funny los angeles clubbing/cumbia-related memories for me. as far as the west bay goes, the mission is okay for comp hunting. however, i’m seconding the recommendation you hit up oakland next time you’re in the bay (specifically fruitvale). it doesn’t compare to l.a. if you’re really particular, but the search would probably yield more treasures if you’re from out of town. plus our tacos trump veggie burritos any time – i.e. taqueria sinaloa > taqueria cancun. (and that’s real/not biased at all!)

  4. No Mames,
    All due respect,
    love Oro et all but they were by no means the first cumbia club up in the bay or the US mixing it up, sorry Jace but that aint the story, maybe the Bmore bounce and club type pero, no creo.

    LA babies, DF mamas.



  5. no disrespect meant to Mas Exitos & others, but to my knowledge Tormenta was the 1st club mixing cumbia/bmore/electro etc at a national level, and by ‘national’ i mean that they bring in international guests, news of the events reached us over in brooklyn etc. and their reach, as i understand it, is due in large part to Bersa Discos.

    Bersa wasnt the 1st contemporary vinyl imprint releasing cumbia bootlegs & edits by any means, but they *were* the first to make it a priority and really focus in on that. I’ve got crunk cumbia/cumbia hiphop edit *CDs* going back 7 0r 8 years, and surely there were more before that, but the vinyl labels dedicated to cumbia remixes? all evidence points to Bersa being the 1st.. that said, “1st” isn’t a hugely important category… they asked me why i was in SF, i tried to explain quickly…

  6. Thanks for this video. I loved getting a picture of the actual music hunting. Both for the vicarious pleasure and for the hunting tips if I ever get my ass out of the town I am in. Though it occurs to me there are some latin music outlets here- maybe they have some of these “bootlegs.” I was also intrigued when I looked up Sonidero on Wikipedia to see that D.F. DJ’s from Puebla supposedly started it. I drove cab in Madison WI where I live and anecdotally it seemed like half or more of the Mexicans living here were from Puebla. So maybe I will have luck and now I will know to look beyond the Bikini covers.

  7. i just recently started crate digging and cd shopping for cumbia, loved the video. if anyone has some free time check out this remix, its nothing special but it gets people to dance

  8. Suppose we release “Los Daddys” linda sampuesana on vinyl,
    do you think it goes in the category of “digital cumbia”?
    do you think Los Daddy’s would be playing at coachella?
    In an amazing world that would be tru.

  9. Bikini covers offer the best in unadulterated guacharaca xxxtacy.

    don’t believe the hype, try the sexual cumbia, it’ll change the way you move your hips.

    wikipedia is your best source for cumbia sonidera, accept nothing less.

  10. Hi Jace

    I just took a look at and it seems hacked by the Algerian Hacker, or is this a joke?

    keep changing the world!

  11. i actually think that if we keep pushing, Los Daddys at Coachella is a possibility.

  12. Yes indeed, he’s probably getting back at you for knowing more Algerian music than himself ;-)) I’ll see you in Netwerk (alosta – my hometown) on the 13th, bring some Dutty-T-Shirts (lime, plz)

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