Shackleton – Deadman King Midas Sound Death Dub

I am listening to this song which Lamin shared, some friends remixing another. It is filled with dusk-tones, close and fading, sunset a challenge to both darkness and light and at the same time I learn that a poet I’d read and knew in passing, has passed away. A friend who knew Akilah better sent some of us an excerpt of her speaking about grief.

And once again, we’re left with beautiful words and tones that linger but can never stay. In a sense, this is why we share it.


Akilah Oliver:

Grief is a complicated emotion but also an inadequate word in many ways. Maybe it isn’t so much that the term fails to encompass a range of emotional states, but I think also death itself, as an event, as a limit, as a field of investigation, is too many things at once.It’s solid and it’s slippery. For me what I’m doing in A Toast is using language to walk through that field to find out about love, the collapsible body, what it means to be human, all of that. Also, I think that I am trying to transcribe rapture. I mean that in the ecstatic sense of the word. . . . I am in a state of seeking. Grief is a part of that seeking, but so is redemption and anger, the forgivable and the unforgivable, this ecstasy of being in a kind of light, the simple astonishment of the impermanence of absence. This book is dedicated to my brother who died when I was very young, and he was very young, 28 years younger than I am now, so in some ways he has passed into myth for me, which is another kind of symbolic being-ness. It’s also dedicated to my son who died when he was 20, so there is that grappling with the loss of the body who has come through my body, a kind of intimacy that is almost indescribable. And it is also dedicated to my mother, who is still alive and kicking at 74, and the recognition of myself as the beloved body too, who has passed through another beloved. So there is this elegiac intent here as well. I am trying to trace the mystery of the bodylife, a term I’m borrowing from Cherríe Moraga. So there’s hope in these poems of course.



Developed Nation by Joyelle McSweeney

Is this how a god returns from victory?

This is america. The boy soprano
into the doughnut-world.
Fresh from the fish-mold.
Clattering out across the snow
to buy a paperknife,
clutching a flier…

A test in harmonies.
Here comes the perfect pitch-
it’s white, it falls to the glove,
showing its stitches. Here comes
the hot-front, stitched with flags

O beautiful he produceth
language from everyplace
on his body, the room
where the heatcloud lifts to the ceiling…

the subcommander crouched in the stalkbed breathing
into his lily-season


Hard Times by Baby Huey


apparently, sometimes Safari thinks that this site contains malware. I’m looking into it… if it does, it won’t be there for long. Apologies for any hackery weirdness.

Out the door to record over in Bushwick, so quickly –

Night music, Berber fusion, info here:


Nour Eddine – Zri Zrat

+ + +

Alva Noto & Anne-James Chaton vs. a Japanese vending machine.

+ Anne-James reading in low light


Anne Boyer sent a handmade book to an address where I haven’t lived in over two years. It arrived to me, eventually.


excerpt from 20 difficult ways to publish poetry:

18. Monumental Architectures

Join terrorist cell. Encourage terrorist cell to blow up dams/create dams on major waterways. Control the flows of creeks, streams, and rivers so that they sculpt the United States into your poem.

supplies: mock ideological fervor, dynamite, concrete, map.

(alternate strategy: forgo terrorists, enlisting beavers to do the same)


Obama praise song – clearly the most compelling transmedia genre of past months.

Greg transcribes Elizabeth Alexander’s inauguration poem “Praise Song for the Day


All about us is noise.
All about us is noise and bramble,
thorn and din,
each one of our ancestors on our tongues.

Someone is stitching up a hem, darning a hole in a uniform, patching a tire, repairing the things in need of repair.
Someone is trying to make music somewhere with a pair of wooden spoons
on an oil drum.
With cello, boom box, harmonica, voice.

+ + +

& Heatwave rounds up Caribbean-leaning Obama praise songs.


2:30 PM me: esta noche refieres?
esta noche refieres?
o manyana?
o manyana?
has podido poner info nueva en GoogleDocs?
has podido poner info nueva en GoogleDocs?
sonido: a las 11 pm si estoy seguro q puedo venir
a las 11 pm si estoy seguro q puedo venir
esta noche
esta noche
me: ok cool!!!!!
ok cool!!!!!
sonido: no he avanzado mucho con google docs
no he avanzado mucho con google docs


Bervall face06

Poet Caroline Bergvall stops by the radio show today! (my first guest without a MySpace page?!) In addition to reading some of her works and presenting some sounds, we’ll chat about plurilinguality. About face. About figs. About pets.

tune-in or catch her live (different words, same time) at MoMA’s Hell.


In other news, I did a remix for Raz Mesinai’s Unit of Resistance album, out now on ROIR. This Friday there’s a record release party at NYC’s DubWar.


Diplo blogs cumbia over at MadDecent. (yes, Zizek is named after Zizek.)

here’s some Tejano screw from a flanger-heavy Sabor Kolombia mixtape de hace unos años:

Sabor Kolombia – Cumbia Rebaja

este cumbia rebajada es la pura verdad

this slowed-up cumbia is the straight truth

&, more disturbingly, DeD:

Dick El Demasiado – Cada Curva Tiene Sus Derechos from Al Perdido Ganado


2007 gives us its goat stare. The incoming year’s theme is:




(you feel me?)


if you (live in or near Vancouver and) want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style then come on down. I’ll be DJing along with Kuma and Jesse Proudfoot. Xtra bassbins & bellydancers for real!

out w/ ‘the b-more remix of the mainstream hit song’, in with baladi, arabik pop, and every dance music whose time signature ain’t divisible by 4.

N.Y.C. citizens take note: a Soot party hits SubTonic Friday January 5th, on the occasion of The Bunker’s 4 Year Anniversary. 3rd person hype: DJ Rupture, Timeblind (his 1st live set since moving back to NYC & flooring ‘everybody’ w/ the Ghostification EP!!!), Maga Bo, (making a rare appearance from his Brazilian homebass to check his email LIVE!!!) and Bunker residents. five bucks!

(i’m looking fwd to playing a PARTY — doing these compressed pre-Ex sets around the States was a blast but didn’t quite up the booty quotient.)


Shaviro explores Delany’s porn side. (more here) I chime in the comments. The three people who pilot Delany’s spaceship must also be in love. Anne kills squirrels.

Difficult Ways to Publish Poetry

odalisqued reclines of the chaise-lounge of language, erasing the emir & inverting his palace

Arrange animal corpses in the shapes of letters in the shapes of words in the shapes of the lines of a poem. Wait for carrion to eat flesh off bones. Using crayons and a giant sheet of newsprint take rubbings of the bones. Scan rubbings into the computer. Print on iron-on photo-transfer paper. Iron photo transfer paper onto an apron. Embroider. Give to chef to wear on tv cooking show. Your poem would be published on tv!”