2007 gives us its goat stare. The incoming year’s theme is:




(you feel me?)


if you (live in or near Vancouver and) want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style then come on down. I’ll be DJing along with Kuma and Jesse Proudfoot. Xtra bassbins & bellydancers for real!

out w/ ‘the b-more remix of the mainstream hit song’, in with baladi, arabik pop, and every dance music whose time signature ain’t divisible by 4.

N.Y.C. citizens take note: a Soot party hits SubTonic Friday January 5th, on the occasion of The Bunker’s 4 Year Anniversary. 3rd person hype: DJ Rupture, Timeblind (his 1st live set since moving back to NYC & flooring ‘everybody’ w/ the Ghostification EP!!!), Maga Bo, (making a rare appearance from his Brazilian homebass to check his email LIVE!!!) and Bunker residents. five bucks!

(i’m looking fwd to playing a PARTY — doing these compressed pre-Ex sets around the States was a blast but didn’t quite up the booty quotient.)


Shaviro explores Delany’s porn side. (more here) I chime in the comments. The three people who pilot Delany’s spaceship must also be in love. Anne kills squirrels.

Difficult Ways to Publish Poetry

odalisqued reclines of the chaise-lounge of language, erasing the emir & inverting his palace

Arrange animal corpses in the shapes of letters in the shapes of words in the shapes of the lines of a poem. Wait for carrion to eat flesh off bones. Using crayons and a giant sheet of newsprint take rubbings of the bones. Scan rubbings into the computer. Print on iron-on photo-transfer paper. Iron photo transfer paper onto an apron. Embroider. Give to chef to wear on tv cooking show. Your poem would be published on tv!”

6 thoughts on “BASSBIN EMPATHY”

  1. the day starts like this…the sun is shining (notable during winter in these parts) so i throw on the soul jazz ska compilation and hit the ‘net only to find out that one of my fave djs is playing within stumbling distance of my abode in a few days. SWEET! positive omen for ’07. Kudos to Kuma/Conspiracy. Jace, please bring xtra Soot vinyl for $. bass addiction needs the feed.

  2. …identity politics is the new colonialism for the “liberated” classes”…

    yeh i may be feeling you, but that one sentence is leaving me hanging.

  3. I felt similar to dominic when I first read “IDENTITY POLITICS IS NEW COLONIALISM FOR THE ‘LIBERATED’ CLASSES”, but today as I was thinking about both the reaction to “hell hath no fury” from The Rock Critics and a blog post by a friend of mine on why he’s happy that Saddam Hussein was executed, and all of a sudden I got it.

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