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  1. poet carol mirakove recommended caroline to me. google did the rest… im entranced by her work now!

    if u r in nyc: “Caroline Bergvall. Poets House March 27 7 p.m. “Data Loss and Memory: Poetics of the Digital Age” A talk.

  2. ps. pls note that the blue-triange Flash player pitches these offsite mp3s down slightly (they were encoded at 48 not 44.1), so dwnld the mp3s to get the accurate pitch/playback rate. or enjoy the subtle screw version!

  3. she was the performance writing course director for a while at Dartington (don’t know if she’s still there). we were in awe of her amazing androgenous french elegance and intimidated by her intellectual loftiness. or i was, anyway. but it didn’t matter because her accent was so wonderful. doesn’t this kind of make you want to laugh, though? it seems so serious about itself. or do i just need to further suspend my disbelief?

  4. jen- i dont read the same seriousness you do… on the contrary, it feels to me as if humor — or at least a sweet dollop of absurdity — is an important element of Bergvall’s work. more pets!!

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