Last week’s radio show, my first back in-studio in a few weeks, was fun. Began with ‘Moroccan grime’ aka the standout track from Fnaire’s (not very good) new album which sounds like it was produced by Wiley in 2005. Check it, and lots more new heat:

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[DJ Total Freedom, Paper Mag]

And this Wednesday, July 18th, we’ll have special guest artist Ashland Mines aka DJ Total Freedom in from Los Angeles!

Total Freedom was responsible for my favorite club DJ set last year – we played together at the Tormenta Tropical 4-year anniversary in LA and it was one of those rare sets were every song was a gem that I hadn’t heard before, exquisitely mixed and sequenced. Sometimes it can be very hard for non-DJ types to understand why (or how) a certain DJ is good at what they do; but on the flip side sometimes you can catch a tiny piece of a musician’s set and that’s enough to be wowed. Plus, when I DJed Wildness back in 2009 and spent a few days digging around the cumbia stores in downtown LA, everybody was like, “oh, you need to talk to Ashland.”

Ashland’s in town for Blasting Voice, his installation-performance-piece at Suzanne Geiss gallery: “on nine nights throughout the show, this stage will be activated by 27 performances — both linguistic and non-verbal, acoustic and electronic — exploring poetic and formal dimensions of amplification.”

From 8-9pm on WFMU this Wednesday, Total Freedom will play some tunes from his upcoming compilation, and we’ll talk about Blasting Voice, what’s going on in LA, thee olde arte of DJing, Monster Energy Drinks, Discos Barba Azul, and more.


The first show in Mudd Up Radio’s new Wednesday night time slot is now streaming! SOAP BLEACH SOFTENERS. Gentle beginnings. New music from Cauto, Vladislav Delay, Ghanain gospel, Erothug, and, yes, Lana del Rey:

WFMU’s Winter 2012 schedule shuffle means that, starting this week, Lamin Fofana will host a show right before me on Wednesdays! We’ll do our best to give you good apocalypse in 2012. Our ice cream comes in 5 flavors: regular black, mudd, noir noir, soft bop, and dust bowl.

December 7, 2011, Mudd Up! w/ DJ Rupture on WFMU – tracklist:



is the name of a gorgeous, long-running group from Zanzibar. Twinned accordions, khanoun, oud, violins, dapper clothes…

Here’s a nice quote on that complicated kultur dance: the tourist stampede

“Their CD-releases have made the name Culture Musical Club known to audiences throughout the world, so much so that rehearsals in their clubhouse have become somewhat of a tourist attraction.

This, however, does not interfere with the first and foremost aim of their social gathering – namely to enjoy music and ‘to be moved’ by it, as the original meaning of the word “taarab” implies.”

a track from Culture Musical Club‘s latest CD kicks off last night’s radio show, now streamable:


Subscribe to the Mudd Up! podcast if you prefer downloadable versions, issued a week after FM broadcast: , Mudd Up! RSS. Also useful: WFMU’s free iPhone app. Got a LOT of positive feedback from the show with Das Racist a few weeks back. A very lively hour, that one.





It’s Monday and Monday means Mudd.

On tonight’s radio show: brand new material from Paddy Johnson/Art Fag City’s battle DJ inspired LP (one side features sound from Manhattan art projects, the other, Brooklyn), BananaClipz exclusives, a few vintage Khaled jams, and –  as always –  more more more.

Mudd Up! with DJ Rupture – WFMU 91.1fm Monday nights 7–8pm EST

And last week’s show with Julianne Escobedo Shepherd and Das Racists’ Dapwell is now streaming:






Radio tonight! WFMU 91.1fm 7-8pm EST. I don’t actually DJ during my WFMU slot. But sometimes I do on other people’s: check this 20minute mix I just dropped on Tom Ravenscroft’s BBC show.

Then mark yr calendar-devices and alert yr social networks: next Monday, November 8th, I’ll be joined by guests Julianne Escobedo Shepherd and Dapwell (“the funniest Das Racist”). Brilliant writer and editor Julianne will be discussing her taste in current DANCE MUSIC & divas via special selection of tunes. As for Dapwell – call him the skeptic. Gonna be good! The October show with Victor and Himanshu of Das Racist was real nice…



On Monday July 6th, Chief Boima will be joining me on the 2nd anniversary of Mudd Up radio on WFMU 91.1 fm — that means 100+ shows (and podcast versions)!!

Chief Boima – a ‘real’ African-American – pushes music forward from his Bay Area home base. I’d started hearing his DJ mixes a few years back, but it is Boima’s production — solo and along with Oro 11 of Bersa Discos as Banana Clipz — which made me sit up and pay attention.

The Chief will share influences and air some of the sounds he’s currently into, focusing on new dance music from Africa. Expect Ivorian Coupe Decale, Senegalese Mbalax, Nigerian Club, Sierra Leonean heat, and more… Mudd up!


bIG NeWs! — I’ll be starting a weekly radio show on WFMU this June. Expect lots of exclusive tunes & special live guests. 91.1 FM in the New York City area, with excellent internet streaming.

I’m looking for an assistant to help produce the show. I’VE GOT STRONG NEW IDEAS regarding radio’s possibilities & maybe you could help… The person must be familiar with basic audio editing and HTML-podcast-blog use, with a passion for local radio and cosmopolitan bass and (if i’m really lucky) poets/performers whose work happens in sound.

please pass the word on to any NYC-area individuals who might be down. contact:

and —

** in 2002 I did a 1-hour mix (realAudio stream) for FMU.
5 years back & it still bumps future-now.

** i’m DJing at a FREE wfmu PARTY @ Southpaw, Brooklyn this Saturday. info. Doors at 8pm, I go on at 9. and I’d recommend coming early since it’s likely to fill up, what with these bands and all…
I’ll be accompanied by Daniel Perlin on video. (we’ve performed together in Europe a bunch, this is our first thing in the US). Catch Daniel’s live audio pieces at Harvard this evening.

** Caroline Bergvall as selector! Check her ‘March selection’ of free mp3s on Ubuweb. People Like Us, Masaoka’s Ritual with Giant Hissing Madasgar Cockroaches, Caetano Veloso & more (pets).

ps. “ritual with giant hissing madagascar cockroaches” was performed by the artist Miya Masaoka with thirteen madagascar cockroaches triggering the insects’ amplified hissing while crawling over her body.



getting into the radiophonic spirit, here are my hands on John Peel’s show, live at Maida Vale. ah, the good ol’ days… no giant cockroaches, just foxes on the city streets outside (from Failme’s Flickr.)

  • rupture-maidavale


Tomorrow, Saturday Feb 24th, I’m hosting the ‘listener hour’ at WFMU, 9-10am. Streaming. Matt Shadetek (of Team Shadetek) will be the special guest, playing us some exclusive productions & chatting about his new album on Sound Ink, transatlantic bass shipments, and (if we’re lucky) what’s up with that Homeland Insecurity cop footage at the end of Shadetek’s fun & powerful future-now rockers video. check it — Brooklyn Anthem ft. 77Klash & Jah Dan:

I’ll be muddying up the airwaves with some dubstep & DMZ ruffage in anticipation of Dave Q’s DubWar party at Tonic happening later that day – he’s brought over Mala (Digital Mystikz) & Loefah.