is the name of a gorgeous, long-running group from Zanzibar. Twinned accordions, khanoun, oud, violins, dapper clothes…

Here’s a nice quote on that complicated kultur dance: the tourist stampede

“Their CD-releases have made the name Culture Musical Club known to audiences throughout the world, so much so that rehearsals in their clubhouse have become somewhat of a tourist attraction.

This, however, does not interfere with the first and foremost aim of their social gathering – namely to enjoy music and ‘to be moved’ by it, as the original meaning of the word “taarab” implies.”

a track from Culture Musical Club‘s latest CD kicks off last night’s radio show, now streamable:


Subscribe to the Mudd Up! podcast if you prefer downloadable versions, issued a week after FM broadcast: , Mudd Up! RSS. Also useful: WFMU’s free iPhone app. Got a LOT of positive feedback from the show with Das Racist a few weeks back. A very lively hour, that one.



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