Tomorrow, Saturday Feb 24th, I’m hosting the ‘listener hour’ at WFMU, 9-10am. Streaming. Matt Shadetek (of Team Shadetek) will be the special guest, playing us some exclusive productions & chatting about his new album on Sound Ink, transatlantic bass shipments, and (if we’re lucky) what’s up with that Homeland Insecurity cop footage at the end of Shadetek’s fun & powerful future-now rockers video. check it — Brooklyn Anthem ft. 77Klash & Jah Dan:

I’ll be muddying up the airwaves with some dubstep & DMZ ruffage in anticipation of Dave Q’s DubWar party at Tonic happening later that day – he’s brought over Mala (Digital Mystikz) & Loefah.


  1. hot track…i too am curious about the bridge cop. methinks some variant of DWB? you’ll have to let us know.

  2. thanks Tobi! i had to leave the playlist at the station but i’ll get a copy soon and post here. the hiphop tune in the middle i forgot to ID was ‘Wild’, from the new J Dilla album, Rough Draft, out in a month or so on Stones Throw. last 25 minute was all tunes by Matt Shadetek and Team Shadetek, and the final song (w/ reggae flavored vocals) was my remix for Architecture in Helsinki, just finished yesterday!
    thanks for listening.

  3. holy goodness. i really like those new shadetek tunes! and that remix/closing joint you did blew me away too. definitely looking forward to the release of these tracks now.

    btw jace, the whole show started for me when you introduced matthew shadetek. the whole show caught fire! ha. i dug that badawi track as well.

  4. The cops thought we were on some terrorist vibe trying to film the brooklyn bridge from the bed of a uhaul pickup truck. He got super hype, pulled us over and called for backup which arrived in the form of four squadcars. By the time they all arrived he had realized he had overreacted and then had to sheepishly explain to the other cops what was going on and let us go, but not before talking to Klash and asking when the video was coming out.

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