in a hotel whose eves are lit with neon on the outskirts of a city on the outskirts of Lyon. Women are boxing each other in slo-motion on the television – who put on the sports channel? anyhow
Paris this evening! (Soot family + friends in the house! last of the ___ international playboys)


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Cairo Sound City: “…people who are shouting – without realizing that they’re shouting – even while they rail against the all-pervasive noise; with people who are screaming – without realizing that they’re screaming – even while denying that the city has become quite loud; and with one man who, oblivious to the cacophonous sounds around him, turns on his radio – and cranks it all the way up in order to hear it.
The overall effect, then, is that the city now sounds more like a stationary airplane engine, an endless and deafening roar on the deltaic northern fringe of the Sahara Desert.”

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late nite flamenco deflects the chill of reluctant french spring:
Tomás Pavon – Cantes de Tomás Pavon (from Early Cante Flamenco from the 1930s)

7 thoughts on “PARIS EVENEMENT”

  1. Great! I’m hooked to your radio show, and at last I’ll be hearing you live — I’m still bummed I missed you with Andy Moor in Paris. That lineup looks promising as well, so see you tonight…

  2. 60+ albums of flamenco here some of it quite obscure. lots of andalusian sufi/flamenco crossover, my fave.

    haven’t tried as much of it as i’d like because the albums are rapidshare, and often in two parts… but they usually have full booklet scans, and the quality is great.

    btw, show sounds dope, makes me wish i could teleport.

  3. I agree with the above comment wishing I could teleport. Have you interest in Japanese music? The Noh performance music may blend quite well with your tastes. I look forward to diving into new Rupture material.

  4. hey jace,

    how long are you and grey around in europe for, will you be in holland/amsterdam in the next weeks??

  5. great news Guillaume! Paris was ZUPER, i will blog about it soon, lets keep this discussion moving.

    and James — wow that flamenco site is insane. but – why o why do they use Rapidshare?!?!?! aaaarrggghhhh

  6. oui oui le gig was s i m p l y awesome. the crowd was even throwing couple dancing. oh please let me write this again: people were doing couple-dancing! on Filastine’s! … in paris!!
    “Sonido Martines took great pleasure in watching the Parisian Arab girls in impeccable makeup make fun of my musical selections.”
    >hahaha! Ustedes estan invitados for “thé à la menthe” in Montreuil city next time!

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