“I was posing [nude] like this.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

“Yeah but this is America. People will think the worst of me.”

Ni fu ni fa…”

. . . .

Tego Calderón – Ni Fu Ni Fa (from El Abayarde Contra-Ataca)

El Abayarde

. . . .

This Friday, I will be DJing at the massive WFMU Record Fair in Manhattan. 8-10pm. Many hard-to-find records in one place. I’ll probably spin cumbia / north african tunes.

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3 thoughts on “FRIDAY RU NI FU NI FA”

  1. “Africa, africa!”?

    Nice Tego! Always dope, interesting beats. Sick flow also.

  2. This is the hottest thing I’ve heard out of PR in a long time… reggaeton became formulaic so fast after it appeared on the mainstream radar. Love the triple-time business. Know who produced it?

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