Seems like each time I tab open a news item, bad news screams out. History boomerangs – keep a steel helmet handy. Profits down, unemployment up, strange fruit ripening, and I’m in the middle of a NYC apartment hunt (HELP!), which is never fun.

Then there’s Luzmila Carpio. Voice like light, voice like a bird. Es musica muy sentida… Where the strength and sadness and positivity twine together. She’s a Bolivian, “Voice of the Andes”, and most of her songs are sung in Quechua. And then she’ll push her voice higher. The occasional Spanish-language song keys you into her main concerns: respect for indigenous knowledge and ways-of-being, ecological harmony, women’s rights.

This spring I played a great outdoor party in Milan sponsored by Domus magazine – a crew of Chileans said hello, and N-ron and I ended up late night careening around the city with them. At some point I was passed Luzmila Carpio’s music. I’ve been in love ever since.

“We will be recognized”

[audio:https://negrophonic.com/mp3/03 riqsiqakasunchik (seremos reconcidos).mp3]

Luzmila Carpio – Riqsiqakasunchik (seremos reconcidos)

The fan video for this song is very beyond digital:

7 thoughts on “I HEART LUZMILA CARPIO”

  1. wow great to hear first thing in the morning …..she makes kate bush sound like darth vader

  2. yo jace,

    awesome audio gift. Luzmila’s music sounds very much like *huaynos*, the pacey stringed folk music from the Bolivian & Peuvian mountains. The last few months I’ve been getting into it as well and found numerous new bands/artists who do huaynos in Quechua or Castellano. Guess that will turn into a mixtape at some point soon…. hit me up if you want some of those modern huaynos sounds.


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