As Pitchfork announced on Friday – We’ll be releasing the new Nettle album on October 25, on avant-garde/experimental powerhouse label Sub Rosa! (Sub Rosa has been publishing quality weird for over 20 years, from archival material by James Joyce and Marcel Duchamp to albums by Pauline Oliveros, Luc Ferrari, and Tod Dockstader).

For this album, we imagined a remake of Stephen King/Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining set in a luxury hotel in Dubai, U.A.E. El Resplandor: The Shining In Dubai is our soundtrack for that nonexistent film.

Nettle-El Resplandor SR324

I produced and arranged El Resplandor, working with musicians Abdelhak Rahal, Jennifer Jones, Khalid Bennaji, Andy Moor, Brent Arnold, and Lindsay Cuff. Artwork is by Emirati photographer Lamya Gargash, taken from her incredible Presence series documenting “unwanted houses and structures in the United Arab Emirates that have been abandoned or left for demolition.” Architecture writer and Studio X co-director Geoff ‘BLDGBLOG’ Manaugh gave us some mindbending liner notes.

What else can I say? I put a lot of time into making this album & I hope you enjoy it. October 25 is the U.S. date; it should reach shops in Europe about 2 weeks before that.

This Wednesday I’ll be at the Decibel Festival in Seattle, giving a free, all-ages presentation of my setup for concerts with Nettle (laptop/gear/instrument- and vocal-processing): real talk about strategies to make live electronic music more dynamic and flexible.


El Resplandor tracklist:

01 El Resplandor
02 Radio Flower
03 There Is a Hole in the Middle of the World Filled With Languages That Don’t Have Names
04 Espina
05 Empty Quarters
06 Nakhil
07 Simoom (Wasp Wind)
08 Red Masque Ticker
09 El Resplandor: In the Marsh
10 Shining One
11 Khalid’s Song


  1. Rupture-big ups on this accomplishment; Sub Rosa will increase the distribution of the physical product, I can purchase the object at a “record” shop (if I can find one). Good News!

  2. thanks! we’re excited… band is currently scattered but we’ll be back doing NYC/east coast shows starting late November.

  3. My copy arrived today in the mail. Can’t wait to check it out.

    Posted the following on my Facebook page:

    Years ago, when I was a curator at HALLWALLS, I invited Barbara Bloom to present her project, “The Diamond Lane” in Buffalo. “The Diamond Lane” was a nonexistent feature film for which Bloom created a full-fledged marketing campaign: a 35mm film trailer that played in commercial movie theaters, posters wheat-pasted on the streets, and ads we purchased in the daily newspaper. Bloom’s project sought to evoke a distortion of time in the viewer: “Did I miss that film?” “Did it open and close without me noticing?”

    I’ve always loved the conceptual conceit of that project, so I was struck by Jace Clayton/DJ/rupture’s ( ) newest album with his band, Nettle: “El Resplandor: The Shining in Dubai.” The album, which is being released by Sub Rosa, is conceived as a soundtrack for a nonexistent re-make of “The Shining,” set in a Dubai hotel.;jsessionid=C87F9E14C9002BAC464DC6B0A98B0E2C

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