Seems like each time I tab open a news item, bad news screams out. History boomerangs – keep a steel helmet handy. Profits down, unemployment up, strange fruit ripening, and I’m in the middle of a NYC apartment hunt (HELP!), which is never fun.

Then there’s Luzmila Carpio. Voice like light, voice like a bird. Es musica muy sentida… Where the strength and sadness and positivity twine together. She’s a Bolivian, “Voice of the Andes”, and most of her songs are sung in Quechua. And then she’ll push her voice higher. The occasional Spanish-language song keys you into her main concerns: respect for indigenous knowledge and ways-of-being, ecological harmony, women’s rights.

This spring I played a great outdoor party in Milan sponsored by Domus magazine – a crew of Chileans said hello, and N-ron and I ended up late night careening around the city with them. At some point I was passed Luzmila Carpio’s music. I’ve been in love ever since.

“We will be recognized”

[audio:https://negrophonic.com/mp3/03 riqsiqakasunchik (seremos reconcidos).mp3]

Luzmila Carpio – Riqsiqakasunchik (seremos reconcidos)

The fan video for this song is very beyond digital: