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ok, so its probably gonna be at least 8 weeks until this 12″ emerges into the world and the (longer) CD version will take even more time, but head to the Dutty Artz myspace to hear “Go Round Payola” & get the full update at DA blog. Short version: it’s been a pleasure gatherng beats for JD to eat.

jd art blogvers2

7 thoughts on “GO ROUND PAYOLA”

  1. btw i’m having troubles finding the dutty remix zero release, can you point out some shops in europe (no pounds plz) or us webshops?

  2. It’s lovely. Was that a pitch correction plug-in, or some vocoder hardware? Can’t wait to hear the bass on the vinyl pressing.

    I’ll buy 2. Get this out soon.

    Big stuff. Keep it coming.

  3. re: url Extreme pitch correction for the win. No hardware we r all cheap and digital.

    Glad u like it, vinyl, downloads, cds very very soon.

    re: buzz, the first 12″ has been stuck in production hell due to some audio problems w one of the tracks. Its since been solved and is actually getting manufactured as we speak, I SWEAR.

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