a brief reminder that tomorrow (thurs. 1:30pm) i’ll be speaking at Postopolis, the 5-day event “of near-continuous conversation about architecture, urbanism, landscape, and design,” held @ The Storefront for Art & Architecture in downtown NYC.

a week from today, my WFMU show will start off right with a live live live performance from Drop the Lime.

his myspace says ‘NYC HeavyBass CHAMPION’, and the crazy thing is, it’s true. You can hear it in his increasingly focused production (which has come a loooong way since his slippery breakcore days, mutating into a a sort of grimey electro bass rave) and in the increasingly popular parties he spearheads with the Trouble & Bass crew. 1555457909_l.jpg

last but not least, another drum & bass classic – by my book at least. Thunder. This epic atmospheric track clocks in at nearly 10 minutes, suffused with nostalgia even when it was brand new. A powerful restraint is at work here, tensioning the lightness with the heaviness so that the 10 minutes flow like water, tidal, washes up on the listener slowly. the amen break doesnt drop until about 3:30, followed by overweight subs a few bars later.

Bass weight par excellence plus saudade

The Rood Project – Thunder (22 MB, 320kbps)

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  1. i’ll be catching the T&B crew this saturday, as i’ll be in NYC for the weekend (i have a performance of my own).

    should be a good time, what with them / datarock / passions / captain & the shark. exciting.

  2. I had no idea that Rood Project was Bay-B-Kane until I just checked discogs. A classic.

  3. a primeira vez que eu vi alguem utilizando saudade para articular as emoções que vem com um d+b track. Ouvi, e percebi que a palavra é perfetamente usado, porque a saudade fica no BASS! yeah!~

  4. whoa, eu nao tinha ideia que a gente aqui falaba (o escreve) tambem em portugues! E voce, Rupture, voce fala portugues?



    Viviste en Barcelona un rato, no?

    Nos vemos en la charla mañana!

  5. Dunno. Gotta say that I dug the T&B Bass Bandits EP cause it was eclectic, but the shit Drop the Lime did with with Math Head early on was just ok. But it’s all starting to sound the same to me (which was where D&B kinda lost it’s inertia). You have the straight-forward boom-clack motif with the bass warble on the one. And the drum kits are mostly the same throughout (Shackleton/Skream/Kode9 are noteworthy exceptions to this). The “Hear me Monster” track that’s on dude’s meatspace now, sounds like a blatant French electro (a la Ed Banger/Kitsune) cut and paste knock-off. Is this the way forward? And the chimpmunk raved-out vox like 2badmice circa ’94? Just askin’ the questions. If I hear another Coki-esque ‘dubstep’ tune, I’m seriously gonna puke.

    Gotta give him props though for pushing this sound in nyc. Can’t be easy. I live in Hackney (LDN) so I get to hear great bass music all the time. It’s super to hear shit like this is starting to get love in NYC. Wouldn’t have happened a few years back, bruv. Spekt.

    Hey /Rupture thanks for the ol’ DB classics. Here’s something to add to that:
    a six-minute mix that includes “Force is Electric” from EdRush (1995), and some other secret weapons (mix is 7 years old):

  6. valid criticisms Monro (& thanx for the mini-mix!) — I’ll be talking to DTL on air about his move from breakcore insanity to a more palatable, populist, and yes, French electro, sound.

    I’m not sure what the way fwd is myself, since the breakcore scene tired me out with its lack of fwd momentum, but im very sympathetic to its punky & experimental edges, of course… my view is that parties in NYC have to be, er, party-friend since venues put such enormous stress on promoters to earn money & keep a busy bar, so weird music is just priced out — see closure of our longtime fav music-friendly spot TONIC earlier this year.

    oh yeah — the show will have special guest SHACKLETON the week after DTL!

    ok. caffeine!


  7. Link seems to be dead, reuppable?

    DTL is one of my favourite djs nowadays, and I think his production is getting better and better. I don’t think it has reached the DB coma yet, but nice to be paying attention. Now, production-wise, Starkey is killing it.

    N-ron fala português, quem diria… que mixes fantásticos, A Thunder Sound é excepcional.

  8. Was talking about Thunder, but I got it already, thanks.
    Lookin forward to the Shackleton show archive.

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