[Maga Bo video shoot w/ ALIF, Waru Studio]

Maga Bo video shoot! (2nd post there, i can’t direct link)

MB also contributed a great photo-essay for an XLR8R article on ‘New Whirled World Music’ (profiling him, Diplo, and a few others), the issue is downloadable.

speaking of soot-style, La Fiesta Soot in NYC will happen on Oct. 5 at the Bowery Poetry Club w/ sound reinforced by Funkworthy FM’s reggae system. In addition to Filastine, Maga Bo, and myself, there will be sets by Matt Shadetek (spinning 100% Eurotrance!) and Reaganomics.

I would post the flyer but i can’t find my designer, so it doesn’t exist yet. Are you my designer?



[Maga Bo video shoot: ALIF]


6 thoughts on “MAKING OF”

  1. i’d love to whip you up a flyer/poster. give me all the info and any thematic ideas as well asdimensions couler/b&w etc

  2. i know how you love world music and peter gabriel in particular, i’ll do it as a send up of the realworld music packaging, jk!

  3. Don’t forget the other Soot Records Fiesta with Filastine, Maga Bo and /Rupture on Saturday Oct 6th in Montreal as part of Pop Montreal Festival and the Baile MTL party !

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