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Head over to RCRDLBL to get an exclusive tune from the new cumbia / cumbia digital compilation, put together by the deepest digger I know, Sonido Martines!

Los Destellos – Elsa (Sonido Martines remix feat Fefe)

the jam in question is Sonido himself remixing legendary Peruvian chicha cumbia band, Los Destellos de Enrique Delgado, with vocal assistance by Fefe, a Brazilian firecracker. In one example of how Sonido Martines works, he tracked down Los Destellos, explained to them what was going on in the slippery world of ‘new cumbia’, and with their blessings got permission to flip this remix. Now-thing realness with respect for the foundational musicians!

the comp esta muy wapoSonido Martines presents: Nueva Cumbia Argentina! fresh heat from nu-skoolers like El Hijo de la Cumbia, Fauna, and Chancha Via Circuito, and visionary early material from DJ Taz and Damas Gratis, and more! 12″ and digital out now: iTunes / Amazon / Boomkat, etc. K VIVA LA KUMBIA!!

SonidoMartines soot18 cover art 600x600px 300dpi



Grey Filastine spent the holiday season doing an incredible DIY tour of Indonesia. Better yet, he’s writing about it (rather eloquently), posting video and photos — in short, Filastine has started a blog, and it looks to be a good one: Filastine Frequency.

here are 2 dreamy floaty tracks from his Burn It album

(buyable: eMusic | Amazon | iTunes US , UK)


Filastine – Palmares


Filastine – Ja Helo





[Maga Bo video shoot w/ ALIF, Waru Studio]

Maga Bo video shoot! (2nd post there, i can’t direct link)

MB also contributed a great photo-essay for an XLR8R article on ‘New Whirled World Music’ (profiling him, Diplo, and a few others), the issue is downloadable.

speaking of soot-style, La Fiesta Soot in NYC will happen on Oct. 5 at the Bowery Poetry Club w/ sound reinforced by Funkworthy FM’s reggae system. In addition to Filastine, Maga Bo, and myself, there will be sets by Matt Shadetek (spinning 100% Eurotrance!) and Reaganomics.

I would post the flyer but i can’t find my designer, so it doesn’t exist yet. Are you my designer?



[Maga Bo video shoot: ALIF]