prior to reading his New Yorker profile, it had never occured to me that Banksy hired publicists. Banksy.

Steinksi. real unbuyability (for better and for worse) a pivot in his work. Hiphop cut&paste blueprint legend. He came to my WFMU dj set at Southpaw–great to meet him! turns out he blogs with the strength of ten.

this 1986 Christgau profile has its strange elements, but is largely intelligible.


this is a song called Hilda. RLF has turned into Bass Clef. from A Smile is a Curve That Straightens Most Things. folk strum on sample & hold. rest of the album is dubstep with its tie loosened.

Bass Clef – Hilda (Blank Tapes)

Bass Clef’s DJ mixes dub out digi-dancehall instrumentals here & here.


  1. yes indeed. his 10″ ‘Blow Your Speakers and Your Mind Will Follow’ rarely leaves my crate — love the ambient piece on there.

    that said, i think i prefer the Bass Clef material overall!

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