we put together a very limited-edition CD to sell on our recent Europe tour. A few copies are left… SOLD OUT!



its a 57-minute recording from our Amsterdam gig last summer, edited & mastered by Andy.

The set was completely improvised — Andy Moor (The Ex) on guitar, me on turntables. Some beats happen (such as this excerpt which I posted before). it’s essentially a live document of our early stages. you know: weird / experimental / improv.

FYI, the album is a mass-produced CD-r in a slimline case w/ a color insert (NYC rap mixtape style), not an official CD.

and no, this isn’t available anywhere else (including p2p/oink/slsk)

10 thoughts on “RUPTURE + ANDY MOOR: tour CD”

  1. I know I ask this every 6 months but… what’s going on with the “less than 1000” mix?

  2. less than 1000 will happen. but i’m doing a mix for the Agriculture _before_ it… long story. The Agriculture mix will prob be called UPROOT. more info on this very soon, as i’m licensing it right now.

    the Nettle album has fallen victim to a horrible combination of laziness, studio-itis, anal-retentiveness, and the fact that we keep writing new songs, which, strangely enough, doesnt speed up the process. it’s probably been done for months. we’re on Barcelona time which is a dangerous thing to be on.

    we’re talking to labels & have like 2 albums worth of material. i’m really excited by it. I can say one thing with confidence: after the new Nettle comes out, another Nttl album will follow relatively soonafter.

    & we’ll try our best to get US/north american entrance visas for the band and play a bunch of shows in the US of A.

  3. Thanks for the update. Great to know this, you have enough material to drop another Nettle album soon after.

    Still dealing with the same themes? No samples, spaciousness, emotional honesty, or has it changed, shifted, redirected… since you all are writing new songs and all.

  4. no, we dont work with ‘tracks’ as such. half the time even I can’t tell what record i’m manipulating when i play w/ Andy — turntable-as-instrument rather than me playing tracks.

    if youve got specifics questions about the beats that happen, i can answer those though.

  5. I bought the CD when rupture and filastine played the Rickshaw. It’s great–tracklist or not 😉

  6. Howdy,
    playing before you on sunday in Leitrim(decks/geetar). Just listened to the EX excerpt, and gosh, we have lightning (pushed) in our set also.
    Coincidence, just so you don’t think we’re a tribute band or something…there’s an idea…

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