new cumbia mix! Rupture vs Sonido Martines

Internet, what internet? My new mix CD is available only at a taco shop in Manhattan.


Yes — Sonido Martines & I each made a 30-minute mix of “cumbia cumbia, not nueva cumbia” for your listening pleasure. The hourlong CD is available exclusively at Tacos Zaragoza in the East Village (14th + A), $8. Treating MUSIC as FOOD.

NOTE: some people have had problems with corrupted CDs. If you’ve purchased a CD and it doesn’t read well, leave a comment with snapshot of the CD. Be sure to include your email address in the field (only I can read it) and we’ll make things better…

For my half-hour I used all cumbias purchased in Brooklyn , so it skews heavily towards cumbias poblanas, mexican cumbias, tunes make in the States. Shoutouts include: Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, New Jersey, Virginia, Baltimore, Las Carolinas, Ellay… kinda functions as a map of where Mexicans are strong in the US! There’s no tracklist but that’s OK because everyone is always shouting out their name anyhow, and my man Talacha comes on as sonidero. Here’s the 1st 10 minutes of my mix.

8 thoughts on “new cumbia mix! Rupture vs Sonido Martines”

  1. If this is what leads a west coast transplant to some good new york tacos, I’m game for the expedition. I suppose I can rely on good music there, anyways.

  2. got some excellent tacos and bought the cd. I listened to part of it on one computer at work, and now my home computer thinks its a blank disc. Is my computer weird, or is it a magic snapchat cd?

  3. oh no! send me a photo of your CD and I can send you MP3s. Or try it on a difference machine/cd player? I havent heard of others having problems with it, but these bootleggy CD-r reproductions can be unstable.
    leave a comment here w/ your email addr (only i can see it) and i’ll be in touch

  4. i think i got a corrupted copy from zaragoza as well (the first bunch of tracks work; the 9th goes silent after about a minute, and the last two tracks are DoA); glad there’s an established protocol in place at least – see attached email and image link! thanks jace! rupture + martinez 4EVR ✝ ☻ ☪ ✌

  5. How can I get a copy of this please if I live nowhere near the east village… as in I live in London 🙂


  6. Having same problem as these folks ^.
    Last 3 tracks go silent.
    Liking what I did hear; quiero mas.


  7. Since I only get to the NY area once a year, this was some Very fortuitous timing that I got a copy.
    It’s awesome up to track 10, then silence. I’ll send in a pic. Great taco too.

  8. Is it by any chance available at Taquería Jalisco in East Boston?

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