Sad but true — after 5 & a half years of weekly broadcasts, today marks the last episode of my WFMU radio show, Mudd Up! I rarely played the same song twice, so rather than ‘miss’ the show, I suggest that you use WFMU’s incredible archive to stream/podcast approximately 300 hours of Mudd Up! The show was as much about exploring ideas of music as playing any single sound. To all the listeners who got muddy over the years — it was never easy listening, which is precisely why we were there — y’all are awesome and quite literally none of this would have been possible without your support. Thanks too, to the dozens of incredible guests who, like me, volunteered their time to come share what they do. Likewise the production assistants. I never mentioned it on-mic, but Mudd Up! was re-broadcast by a number of great, like-minded radio stations across Europe, airing weekly in Marseilles, Brussels, Berlin, and more…

DJ Rupture @ WFMU during the 2009 Fundraising MarathonWhy stop? Every end gifts a beginning. This year I’m working on several exciting large-scale projects that are taking me in new directions. If you dug the mudd, you’ll be more than ready for what comes next!

First up: I’m releasing an album on New Amsterdam Records in late March, followed by an April tour with myself, pianists David Friend & Emily Manzo, vocalist Arooj Aftab, and writer Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts. That’s just the tip of the iceberg…

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  1. Jace, thank you for so many hours of great listening. Look forward to hearing those new projects come to fruition. Also, you should come play in LDN more often!

  2. Gonna miss you on the woof-moo, Rupture…thanks for all that educating. Come down to DC sometime and spin for us, porfa!

  3. Nooooo, what am i going to listen to now…Any podcast or radio shows online you recommend? I’ve been listening to Mudd Up since 2007.. :'( Big up from Costa Rica, good luck in your news projects

  4. Your show has been my sonic cultural compass for years, and now the book clubb is informing reading choices… gonna miss muddup. thanks for delivering the goods for us. Millions now living should show respect to /rupture!!!

  5. Yeah, The Heatwave on just announced their retirement as well… What are some new sound jockeys to fill the voids in our lives?

  6. Was getting all geared up to send some love/support to you tomorrow (and listen live for the first time in years being in EST for a moment).
    Thanks for the best 5 years of radio.. EVER! Heard so many of the best tracks of the decade from you first, and so much learning to go with.
    Looking forward to the next round.

  7. Time flies so fast. I had never heard cumbia before I stumbled upon your show! My knowledge of world music outside of the typical grew so much over the years. You don’t realize the kind of influence an hour a week can have till you look back like this.

    The book suggestions I enjoyed as well, so still looking to what the future holds!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your sonic finds. I had the pleasure of recognizing bits and snippets, getting exposed to some great shit, and blasting stuff out of my car stereo feeling like I was in on some of the brilliant sounds this world has to offer.

  9. Where the hell am I supposed to find great, interesting, and new music? How could you do this to me? In all seriousness I will mix th

  10. Oh ! I was wondering what happened cause I did’nt see new dates on the playlists et archives…
    It was so precious to listen to sounds from elsewhere, here, in France, where we have always the same reduced choice. I discovered so many musics… I relayed the WFMU radio show toward a lot of friends. I’m sincerly disappointed. Thank you for so many hours et good luck.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing all your energy, knowledge and discoveries. They’re amazing gems and fonts of much inspiration for the ears and for the mind. Your show will be missed!!

  12. I just wanted to say I have thoroughly enjoyed your residency @ WFMU. You and Bubble Tease have always consistently been the two best DJ mix podcast out there. (And free!) Much respect, best of luck with your new projects.
    -Nathan Hall
    Anchorage, AK

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