A quick two hits of swampy high 90s DJ Screw on what may be the last HOTT day of New York City’s hottest summer on record.

Both arrive courtesy of Houston-native Carlos, who watches windmill wax as wonder wanes.

First up, classic voice Teddy Pendergrass slowed down slightly (brings back childhood radio memories):

teddy pendergrass

[audio:Teddy Pendergrass – Tko.mp3]

DJ Screw – Teddy Pendergrass – TKO (from Straight To The Bedroom’s precursor series, Late Night F&%kin Yo Bitch, Chapter 16)

Then we sink deeper with Richie Rich’s existential reflections dedicated to Tupac. Needless to say, the sensitive/religious/emotional thug is a great mode which I’m always happy to see more of. Masculinity melt!

[audio:Do G’s Get 2 Go (Richie Rich).mp3]

DJ Screw – Richie Rich – Do Gs Get To Go To Heaven? (from Killuminati)

today’s keywords: soul, Soul, rap, screw, humidity, swamp-philosophy, gender-melt


  1. Thanks for the props!

    Yes, that version, like a lot of what’s on Late Night… is pretty subtle. But Screw would do some other stuff to give songs his own vibe, like put the treble up really high or put a nice delay on it.

    Also, I made a mistake labeling one of those tracks. The Richie Rich track is actually from Killuminati, which contains a lot of 2Pac and a lot of thug meditation on death c/o other MCs.

  2. like sacred muslim geometries getting “rediscovered” by 20/21st century scientists to hold deep and heavy algorythms about the fundamental nature of the universe….

    one day advanced audio engineers utilizing future sciences as of yet unimagined will find in DJ Screw an entirely new and cosmically aligned musicologoy… (and to think it all came from mexico)

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