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On today’s radio show, I’ll be joined by special guest Matt Shadetek! The top-notch producer (& my partner in all tings Dutty) just released his debut solo album, Flowers, and he’ll be treating us to a live DJ set followed by talk about production, new bizness strategies for creative folk, family man music, and more.

Check us live: Monday Aug 16th from 7-8pm EST, 91.1fm WFMU, streaming on internet & iPhone. If asynchronous event participation is yr thing, delve into my show’s deep archives or catch the podcast a week later…

In the meantime, here’s ‘Nightshade’ – I first used this in last year’s mix album, Solar Life Raft, and it resurfaced on Flowers – Matt’s instrumental album built from fresh beat momentum and a playful post-grime melodic sensitivity.


Matt Shadetek – Nightshade


  1. Hey Rupture!

    I didn’t really know how else to contact you so I thought I’d just post a comment here. I wanted to ask you how I can find music by a couple of tunisian artists you played on the 08/23 Mudd Up!:

    – Sa3ida El Hani
    – Belgassem Bou Genna

    I didn’t understand the name of the compilation you mentioned for Sa3ida El Hani, and I can’t find the CD “El Ghorba”. I really enjoyed the tracks you played, and I wish I could find those and more to listen. Any reccomendations?

    Thanks for the great shows! Keep it up!
    Souza Aranha

  2. Souza – they were both given to me by a MuddUp! listener based in Cairo. She purchased them in Tunisia last week!

    Album/comp names are on the tracklist here:

    hope this helps! I really love Belgassem Bou Genna and will be posting about him on this blog and playing more of his music on the radio soon.

    glad you enjoy it!!!!

  3. Awesome Jace! Thanks. I’m looking forward to your post about Belgassem Bou Genna.

    Take care!
    Souza Aranha

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