Yes, today is my birthday! I survived last year (barely). Hugs, large bills, mp3s, and gift certificates to the crematorium all accepted…

nttl 002

Eat, drink and consume media, for tomorrow we get deleted. Or maybe not deleted. Maybe just replaced with squid pictures.

As is the Mudd Up! custom, I give you stuff – words, decentertainment, my time – for free a few times a week. And why should my b-day be any different?

If you want it to be different, please consider getting me something via my Amazon Wishlist. #JustSayin

but back to the “gift economy” (did someone say pro-art, pro-market?)

First off: here’s a nine-minute excerpt from my Bidoun Sessions mix CD, released six years ago. Ah, the passing of time! But it still sounds fresh, no?


DJ Rupture – Bidoun Sessions excerpt

& some Algerian chaabi, which always manages to improve my mood, especially lovely unhurried fifteen minute plus songs such as this one:

[audio: El Masôudi- Lehnina memti.mp3]

Kamal El Masôudi – Lehnina memti

+ + +

maybe <3 is time minus anxiety. Let’s consider that as we listen to these:


Baths – Maximalist = happy vocal samples (“it takes a lot of courage for you to go out there and radiate your essence”) woven into sublime glitches as my jeep gently beats, or What’s Love Telling Me To Do Right Now?

Obviously, this music is Californian, and California is another country, but <3 is the word of the day.

Which leads us to Nicki Minaj’s Your Love, chopped and screwed, from Straight to the Room #12.


Nicki Minaj – Your Love

+ + +

For those who want to extend the moment… to make a day last longer… here is the software used to pull Justin Bieber into Hopelandic ambience: Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch (free, windows / linux).

As the instructions say, this is best used “if have a melody of 3 minutes and you want to listen it in 3 hours [sic] . . . ‘HyperStretch’ mode may stretch up to 1,000,000,000 times”

(Incidentally, this sounds better and less glitchy than the algorithms used by the guy who pulled Beethoven’s 9th Symphony into a 24-hour work of glistening tones six years ago.)


  1. Ja! Mírate! 5 años y ya eras un cabrón. Por cierto, no pierdas la esperanza, las camisas de pico volverán a llevarse. Verás.

  2. Happy birthday mothafuckaaaaaaa!

    Apparently great minds re-post similar internet memes, I also just did posts about that slowed down thing, with added historical context (SLAB) it’s pretty cool.

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