La Congona continues serving your cumbia needs (check my recent post on Tepito & the Superflex book), but MuddUp! wouldn’t be the same if i didn’t post up some jams here too.

Here’s an excellent NYC sonidero track. It’s basically a big advertisement enhanced by ill synths and that stomping sampled beat.


Formula 5 – La Cumbia Maestra

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I’m really into La Vagancia and their vibe – dark dark dark. This song is about… The collapse of love across distance. Dwindling remittances from folks working in foreign countries (nearly 24 billion was sent home to Mexico by workers in America last year!).

Bleak realism, crisp percussion, minor notes stuck in the throat. “Urban cumbia… from town to city”


y de la plata que el mando ya no queda nada / “and now nothing’s left of that money he sent”


La Vagancia – La Historia de Linda y Roberto

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