[Vampi terraza foto by Sonido Martines]

here by popular request… an hourlong mix of cumbia. this is like my BBC session, proper full audio, with some edits and the vocal drops removed, etc. Harlem mixtape discface-printing CD-r slimline case style.

$8 includes shipping in the US, $11 includes overseas shipping. PayPal. On sale here this week only.

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21 thoughts on “K-K-K-UMBIA”

  1. Any chance of a digital release? FLAC/v0 is so much easier to store – and while the cover looks cool and all I’m more interested in the sound.

  2. Either way. I like my mp3s to reflect the cd/lp/tape that they were originally released as (unless it’s an original digital release, of course). So if you are sending out the CD as a single track, the digital should be a single track. If the CD is multiple tracks, then I’d prefer multiple tracks.

    Others might feel differently, though

  3. after purchase you’re directed to a ‘thank you’ URL w. tracklist. although, as i mention, it’s pretty much the same as BBC mix, just proper audio, indexed, and most of the vocal drops removed. bbc mix audio rip is floating around online somewhere if yr curious and didnt catch it for the week it was streaming.

  4. there are 2 categories of existence: AMERICA and EVERYBODY ELSE. at least that’s what the U.S. Postal Service told me.

  5. bloody postal service. i guess i’ll use my euro-powered overseas account to buy it then 😉


  6. Hey jace just downloaded the torrent of uproot, please put out a full vinyl release with some hijinx….dj tools appreciated …not just “selections” from uproot. Much respect, come to toronto again, soon come?

  7. ive been talking about doing a DJ tools vinyl for ages… should do it. combination of beats / loops / weirdness. battle vinyl.

  8. Got it together & ordered through this site. Please disregard previous email request. Should’ve known…but now in the mix, can’t wait. Peace!

  9. Hi, looks like I came a little late, but is this release still available? The paypal link still seems to work.

  10. I just found this too, also noticed the paypal button still works. Would love a copy if still available. Just saw the Zizek crew from Buenos Aires – Que bueno!! I believe I’ve caught the Cumbia bug…

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