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German magazine Spex has a long interview with me in their current issue. On “Digital Evolution”, masterpieces, hard disk failure and forgetting, and music biz economics in the 00s. (Or at least I think that’s what it’s about, we did the interview back in February…)


it’s true: “DJ /rupture to release new mix album“. title: Solar Life Raft. Co-produced with Matt Shadetek, about 30% of it is original material & remixes from us. Link has some tracklist & other info.


Jem Cohen just returned from Tangier, where he was doing a special project with Luc Sante! (whose Low Life is a must for New York underbelly reading). Jem kindly brought back a stack of CDs for me, including some hard-to-find 70s requests…

Here are two tracks from the bunch. Fes Maatic, a chaabi group I’d never encountered. Moroccan chaabi bands play like a DJ, all the songs segue into each other, it’s a work of groove and momentum.

I miss proximity to this music.


Fes Maatic

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  1. that interview was awesome. i never thought about music being lost in file format changes but it is. there is definately something very NOW about music that makes it so important to people as opposed to visual art.

    the babel fish version was rockin. instant gratification.

  2. Babelfish: Jayce Clayton, who would like to survive today artistically and is not as standard equipment wealthy, is compelling, to pursue parallel careers.


    Google: Jayce Clayton, who now wants to survive artistically and not from wealthy house, is forced to pursue parallel careers.

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