He’s had beefs, fall-outs, and hissyfits galore, been stabbed 14 times, retired at least twice, and never released an album without denouncing it at some point, often before it’s been released.

– Dan Hancox on 10 Essential Wiley tunes

Pretty sure I’m already on record citing him as arguably the most interesting person in music today – producer, lyricist, anarchic bizness force.

Some Wiley tunes will make it onto tonight’s radio show.

Lamin posted recent Wiley heat over at Dutty Artz; here are two instrumentals & a stellar diss track with Riko from a few years back. As alien and captivating as they were when I first heard ’em.

[audio:Wiley – Fire Fly (Bass Mix).mp3]

Wiley – Fire Fly (bass mix)

[audio:Wiley – Shanghai.mp3]

Wiley – Shanghai


“…it’s not even an exciting intro”





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  1. A few more to add…

    Riped this Wiley produced oldie-but-goodie from vinyl:
    Roll Deep “Heat up” (instrumental)

    “..original tree climbers”.
    Wiley Rage, Esco, Jammer, Scorcher, Gods Gift – “16 Bar Rally”

    last tune on the new one, says a lot:
    Wiley “Music I like”

    Wiley production discography (complete?):

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