as reported here & elsewhere, i’ve got a new mix CD called Uproot coming out in October, and the video just went live today, on Pitchfork:

a few years back I saw an amazing video by PanOptic at a DUMBO gallery. When we were brainstorming ideas for the 1st tune on Uproot, I instantly thought of it.

PanOptic, a boutique production company/directors’ collaborative operating out of Soho, very kindly agreed to rework the piece into a music video. Taking inspiration from Kafka’s The Trial, director Gary Breslin developed ideas of a mobile prison – manifested here as the restlessly folding structure which frames the person as he walks through a bleached-out industrial cityscape. The abstract ‘prison’ walls are (partly) night-vision footage of NYC subway tunnels as taken from a moving train… add to that PanOptic’s high-level motion graphics and visual magic, and blam, we’re good to go.

8 thoughts on “UPROOT VIDEO DEBUT”

  1. The video seems so Rupture-ish for some reason, and therefore, very fitting. Great stuff.
    I can’t friggin’ wait to hear the rest of the album.

  2. Very nice video ! Always hard to illustrate instrumental music with animation, and that case it fit well !

  3. This album (or at least the ingredients for this album) appears to already be available from Amazon. I violated my never pay for things I can’t actually hold in my hands policy to download the latter and it sounds great so far.

  4. Damn, those visuals are fire! I just read The Trial last week. I guess he was free to roam, but still under arrest… What do construction sites have to do with prison, though? I was wondering what the images in the walls were! Subway footage. Unbelievable.

    The song was good too. Refreshing to hear wonky bass that isn’t broodingly dark or dancey (not that either bothers me, but variety is always cool).

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