dear West Coast peoples, this is a quick reminder that I’ll be playing at Portland’s Holocene tomorrow night (1st time in Pdx in ages and its only 5 bucks), and at a big Surya Dub party in San Francisco on Saturday.

tell a friend to tell a friend to form an army and march it on through:




  1. Man I am always working when you come to town. Well I guess I am always working. Working the Manu Chao Radiohead show tomorrow night then saturday at the DNA Lounge for BOOTIE ( I really would like to see you. I am a good friend of Greyg’s (played in TchKunG) and been a huge fan of yours before he hooked up with you. If you want to check out Bootie before or something I will make sure your name is on the list. I work the back door (accident left me slightly disabled so I keep the bouncer stuff low profile these days) so if you do stop by say hello but your name will be up front on the list mos def!!!! Do you know what time you play?

  2. I’ll be there too!!! 🙂 Can’t wait! I’m driving down from Seattle for this, and probably turning right around and driving back afterwards because I don’t have a good place to rest my head in Puddle Town. It’ll be worth it. I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel it.

  3. Saturday.. You plus two on the list. The DNA Lounge is about 5 blocks from club six at 11h and Harrison. If you get a chances stop by.

  4. Jace do you still have copies of the tour mix for those coming to these shows? I didn’t order from Turntable Lab and now they appear to be ALL OUT.

  5. NOBODY HAS EVER INVITED ME TO PLAY IN LOS ANGELES!! i know, its sad. i played there once 5 years back w/ Kid606, that’s it. we tried to hook something up this time around but nobody was biting… LA WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME?

    im verrry curious about LA and am dying to visit. actually, someone invited me to play in July, then canceled, then the other act that they’d invited (instead?) canceled on them.

  6. Wonderful set at Club 6 last night! I will be coming to any of your future shows that I can… do you post your setlists ever? I’d really like to look up some of the stuff you played.

  7. that’s funny that you hung out with Devon…. and that you drink tea. my world just got a little more surreal. somewhere, somehow, the genesis of a gig happening in LA La land awaits ~

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