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  1. si adelante la cumbia,
    pero I am very sad to read such a bad article on cumbia on the telegraph ( Cumbia: why the world is catching on). Half of the article speaking about Juanes !! There’s way shitty informations like “Colombian music has grown in popularity thanks to singer-songwriter Juanes” or “Very Be Careful have taken the music across the States and to Europe and Japan” and so on… What a restrictive overview!
    Puchas mangos Colombia has not waited Juanes to be a hot musical loboratory recognized around the world. We listen cumbia everywhere where people are in contact with south americans, and columbian artists travelled long before Juanes was not even a spermatozoide in the testicules of his father.

    I wonder if Rupture put this article surrounded by good music just to make some irony and doesn’t feel like sending a better one to the Telegraph . The title of the new article would be something like “why Gervase de Wilde should catch up the pace ?”

  2. This is the way history is made, through lazy writers. Too many trendspotters asmathically repeating for some fee.
    cumbia deserves a narrower study then a copywriters afternoon.

    cumbia rebajada is from monterey.

  3. Yes, the article fell short. In the brief description of the sound the writer attributes its infectiousness to percussion, brass, guitars, accordions, and singing. What about the basslines?! Although not present in the beginning, in modern cumbia the bass carries the swing…

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