There is no way to expect beauty, or to deserve it. – Ursula K. LeGuin


[Colombiafrica myspace photo]

Colombiafrica – The Mystic Orchestra – Sambangole / Tres Golpes Na’ Mas


“I mean we don’t care very much about salsa, because we were born into salsa, right? We care about soukous, we care about highlife, Afrobeat, mbaqanga, Soweto music, Kenya music, Nairobi music. You know, in Colombia, salsa is for the people who have money, to go into a disco. But when you are a black man in Colombia, you can’t go in that places. So you have to make your party in a street.” – Lucas Silva

vamos a grabar… rooted champeta, Colombiafrica. three hits, no more. music for places.

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  1. great article, thnx 4 sharing Wayne. (i’ve been tentatively invited to Colombia this March, i hope it works out…)

  2. I’m going to Panama in 4 days. Anyone have any connects down there??? I’d love to play my Soukous, Highlife, etc. down there. Has African music crossed the Darien Gap?

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