this is an indicator of my level of busyness. I am just now listening to a CD i personally bought up in Harlem nearly 3 weeks ago, called Amadou Barry – Super Accordeon. It cost $3 and the store where I got it is open 24-hours. They mostly sell phone cards and dvds.

On the ultra-xeroxed cover Mr Barry is wearing a v-neck t-shirt printed with a large picture of a black woman’s foot. She’s in dark heels with a red flower and matching toenail paint. There is no leg. Barry looks worried, startled, purposeful, intent. “Demi-Talon” is what his shirt says.

The poorly-photocopied image has given Amadou Barry a high-contrast bright white aura rimmed by electric blue. The synth with its resonance pushed way up takes precedence over the super accordeon in this song:

[audio:AmadouBarry_ SuperAccordeon.mp3]

Amadou Barry – track 8 from Super Accordeon

Here’s a video, audibly taken from a cassette. The sound gets filtered out pretty regularly. Head-cleaner has its uses…

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